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In Israel's "Operation Protective Edge," its targets have been militants, military facilities, rocket launchers, tunnels and command centers. Israel has taken extraordinary measures to protect Palestinian civilian life. Despite the historically biased reporting about civilian casualties, for years Israel has made telephone calls, sent SMS messages, distributed leaflets, and fired flares to warn civilians to leave targeted buildings and sites. Even according to the New York Times, Israel has gone so far as to fire inert missiles without explosive warheads onto roofs as "warning shots" to warn Palestinians to evacuate in safety. Some defy these warnings; meanwhile, Hamas violates international law both by targeting Israel's civilians and by using its own people as human shields -- and then blaming Israel for the casualties. (Gatestone Institute, 11 July 2014)

In the face of continuous 'Palestinian' attacks and hatred towards Israel, I find it hard to understand how those who say they are Christian still support Palestinians generally.

It is true that a very small number do not wish to be at enmity with Israel or, more accurately, Jews.

But, recent history and observation prove beyond doubt that 'Palestinians' are brought up from babyhood to hate Jews and Christians. Not only that but even toddlers are taught how to kill Jews. (Mosab Hassan, 26 July 2014)

The hatred shown by the majority of these people is profound, and yet many of them have jobs given to them by Israel, get free health treatment, and food. Israel, as always, shows remarkable restraint when Hamas and others continually fire rockets at them.

To treat Israel so callously is a fearsome thing for ANY Christian to do, in the light of God's words concerning the Jews. God has not finished with the Jews, and only a fool would condemn Israel outright and side with its wicked enemy.

If 'Palestinians' wish to stand on a roof about to be bombed, then it is up to them. If they wish to obey their Hamas warlords, it is up to them. But do not let the PLO cry out when they are killed!

It is Hamas who got them killed, and it is lifelong brainwashing that leads ordinary people to be human shields. It is a terrible thing, as is any war... but the blame rests with the people, for in their willingness to hate they are no better than the Germans who adopted Hitler as their fake 'saviour'. This is a millennia-old hatred being played out against Jewry, as prophesied by scripture, and no modern UN or any other attempts to stop it will work. Nor will the vain and deceived few who give their material and emotional aid to Palestinians, who are brought up with such hatred for Jews. 

For me, this unnecessary and sinful support for murderers and those who help them, is like the evil support by some ignorant Christians for homosexuals and Muslims in general. We have NO RIGHT to lend aid to those who hate God and hate us. Be careful; do not mock God!