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The new HM Government Your Freedom website, publicly stated that UK citizens could put forward ideas for the repeal of laws they consider to be useless or out of date. 

"The Coalition Government is committed to restoring and defending your freedom – and we're asking you to participate." (Your Freedom, accessed 6 Sept 2010)

Just like Obama's fake command structure, they promised open government and fairness, lah, lah, lah.

As some of us have discovered, it is just a lie. Anything critical of pro-gay laws is either removed quickly (Barry Napier's submission was only allowed about one hour!), or simply ignored. Others had their submissions rejected and removed.

Despite several emails to the moderators, they did not reply or explain their actions. And when emails to the same effect were sent to the Prime Minister David Cameron, it was found that any emails containing anything at all like 'gay', 'homosexual' etc., were automatically rejected and did not reach the PM! So much for open government and the repeal of useless laws! And worryingly, even oppositional newspapers did not take up the story.

The PM is determined, just like Obama, to ignore all those who oppose him and to fill government posts with gays and lesbians. It was recently found that Obama had experienced homosexuality in his past... what about Cameron? This intensity of gay-love in government is simply not natural, nor is it rational, especially coming from one who is supposed to be our leader.

This can mean only one thing for Christians - persecution and legal punishments for being moral. The same future faces anyone who opposes gay laws. What we are seeing is a swing from the Marxism of Labour, to the modified Fascism of 'new' Toryism. There is no real difference, because both are socialist diseases.

The government, then, is NOT listening nor is it fair. Like so many around the world it wants to destroy Christianity and its influence, even though such influence is always good (I am talking about real Christianity, not the fawning, fake version found everywhere). Though some 'Christians'' piously declare resistance to be wrong, we MUST resist this wholesale push to cram us into a ghetto... remember what happened when Hitler did that to the Jews in Warsaw! Cameron may not send in troops to kill us... but he will have no qualms in putting us in prison, or refusing us basic freedom of speech.