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consummation  is like a-nut and boltAs we have said before, all new evil movements begin by changing words and their meaning. Homosexuals began this shift with the nonsense word, 'Homophobia'.

More recently, they now want to change the meaning of marriage. And they want to give us a new concept – one that is not just stupid, but socially-inept.

Very basically, they want to remove the concept of marriage as involving sexual union. Why? Because, by doing so, they hope to also remove any connection of sex with marriage. (See Coalition for Marriage website).

In other words, they will also want to remove any link to consummation of marriage. Why? Because homosexuals CANNOT consummate a marriage or any other union! One can only consummate a man-woman union.

Same sex couples only have what might be called 'mechanical activity'. They cannot show the love shown between a man and a woman, nor can they have legitimate sexual activity. It cannot be genuine love, because it is based only on lust and perverse feelings. And it cannot be legitimate, because one half of the sexual apparatus is missing.

To put it bluntly, a nut and a bolt belong together – two bolts or two nuts are useless! One is made for the other. Same sex couples are NOT made for each other sexually. Simple as that. This fact is so easy to understand, and yet homosexuals and government want us to accept the king's new clothes, though he is actually stark naked! One has to become intellectually dumb to accept homosexual claims and desires.

A supposed 'marriage' that cannot be consummated is not a marriage – it is just a formal contract, but one that has not been realised. Therefore, it can be broken. In the same way, a man with a man, or woman with a woman, is just a formal contract of unnatural enjoinment. There is no genuine sex and no genuine marriage. It is an unfulfilled contract, without a basis.

Of course, if marriage is not defined as a sexual union between a man and a woman, it is then very easy to be 'married' to anything you wish – an elephant, an egg timer, a lighthouse, a lump of rock! Just keep on redefining words and, as with a 'Chinese Whisper' what was said in the beginning is nothing like what is said at the end!

Consummation gives legitimate heirs, whose claims can be verified. Homosexual couples are now totally fudging this issue, especially by using IVF treatments, and by living profligate lives.

The whole scheme is too preposterous to contemplate, yet we MUST think about it, because fools in government and in society want to make idiots of us all. They are 'fools' because the word means to be stupid, and applies particularly to people who reject God. They are also fools intellectually – for the life of me I cannot see how anyone could be so crass as to think such word-destruction can possibly have any kind of intellectual standing.

The trouble is, homosexuals have propagandised the public for several decades now. If we were able to take them back to the very start of this fiasco (about the 1960s, when law was used to legitimise homosexuality), we could prove beyond doubt that what is happening is only for dullards, for people who have lost their ability to think rationally. But, right now, this will not happen, because every possible avenue of discussion has been closed down. In itself, this kind of totalitarianism proves that homosexuals have a great deal to hide... and they certainly do. Any rational mind will allow criticism and counter-argument. But, homosexuals are not rational. Nor is government, which is now being filled with homosexuals, and is led by their noses by Stonewall.

Fight this change, friends, before it is too late. If Labour get back into office, you can be assured all Christians will be silenced on the criticism front. That is a fact, because it has already been promised by Labour. Then, we will not have the 'British government' but only the 'Stonewall Gulag'.

Think hard about what it will mean if consummation of marriage is removed. You will probably get a hardened homosexual knocking on your door, demanding to marry your lawnmower!