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The government says it will debate the death penalty if 100,000 people sign a petition to do so.

How decent of them! What an absolute cheek! What a farce!

The death penalty is the ONLY penalty for first degree murder! This is an absolute, not something to be debated. And the penalty must be for ALL first degree murder, not just for children and police officers. The lack of such a penalty allows violence to increase rapidly in any society.

The argument that the death penalty is not a deterrent is nonsense... it worked years ago!

Besides, God instituted the death penalty NOT to deter others (though it has that effect), but as a straightforward punishment without appeal.

Modern men just cannot grasp that fact, but let wicked men go on to murder even more. And it is why so many youngsters think it okay to stab people for no reason, or to kick them in the head until they are dead. Then to laugh about it.

The death penalty must be swiftly applied, once guilt is established. Not dragged out or allowed an appeal.

See also outline article O-089 The Death Penalty.

© 7 August 2011

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