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The points system won’t work? But Theresa May doesn’t say WHY!

"Speaking at her first G20 Summit Prime Minister Theresa May has dismissed a points-based immigration policy, a key pledge by Leave campaigners during the referendum campaign. She told reporters “One of the issues is whether or not points-based systems do work,” and “There is no single silver bullet that is the answer in terms of dealing with immigration.” A spokesperson for Downing Street went further, “the points based system will not work and is not an option.” (Open Europe, 5 September 2016)

No ‘silver bullet’ for immigration? Oh yes there is –a year or two of VERY strict border controls, the cost being worth it. It will slow down the steady stream of non-EU applicants in particular.


Obama and Japan are intimidating Britain, blackmailing us into staying in the EU. Obama isn’t worth listening to for ANY reason, and let Japan finally see that it harms its own exports by not playing ball.

Either way let BREXIT mean just that! The point system is workable – they use it in other countries!! It is VERY simple...

  1. Acknowledged skills (verified)
  2. Speak English (verified)
  3. MUST have genuine passport and papers (verified)
  4. Have enough capital to last for at least two years (verified)
  5. Only allowed in if already obtained a verifiable job
  6. No criminal record
  7. No family allowed in unless paid for for two years by the applicant
  8. No entry unless already obtained housing
  9. No full NHS and education for first year or two
  10. Children must speak English, so schools need not provide foreign teachers
  11. No citizenship for five years, citizenship based on all the above remaining and no intervening criminal activity... any criminality leading to expulsion
  12. No Muslims (because of their wish for sharia and Koranic compliance) – thus make it much harder to get into the UK and much easier to deport.

The above constitutes a ‘silver bullet’. What’s missing is the political will to press the trigger. Let the world squeal – and let the UK be safe and strong!