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It appears that I am in disagreement with Christian Concern about voting (Christian Concern email, 19 March 2015).

As a believer I CANNOT vote for ANY party that harms Christians and opposes God. Homosexual approval and support is just one example of this. Islamic promotion is another. To my mind, to vote for those who harm me, or who dishonour the Lord and His laws, is to condone their sin and to bring about further harm upon myself.

I honestly believe that ALL Christians should disengage with the current political system, but to TELL all parties why... as we at BTM have done. I agree with Christian Concern in challenging the political condidates (candidates).

Until parties allow free speech and do not harm us, we have no spiritual reason to vote for any party.

I cannot force fellow believers to think as I do, but I CAN predict that if they vote for ANY party this year, they will be voting for their own demise and persecution. Personally, I will not help that process along.

It is too much like the way Nazi guards forced Jews to dig their own graves in camps and then shot them, so they fell where they dug.

Those poor Jews had no way to get from their tormentors... but we in the UK still have the option of leaving the rotten voting system to the rotten parties who could not care less about voters, and particularly Christians, who they despise and ignore!

I can tell you this – vote for whomever you wish... but they will continue to harm believers. Do you have the guts to stand for truth?