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It is reported that 10,000 migrants have been rescued from the sea just north of North Africa in the past week!! And though the rescuers know where the migrants came from, they are taken to – Europe!

Many of the 6,500 people rescued in the Mediterranean earlier this week have started arriving at ports in Sicily, as Ed Thomas reports. (BBC News, 31 August 2016)

What’s happening is that the fragile boats are being deliberately taken just into international waters, and then left there, because the people organising the illegal trade KNOW rescuers will then pick up the migrants!!

The BBC reports it as ‘poor people looking for a better life’. Amongst them will be terrorists. Almost all of them are fit young men. And those who are not terrorists will change our culture forever, as we become a replica of their own countries, made backward by repressive Islam and sharia. And even the most compliant of them are coming as economic migrants – who, by international law, do not have refugee or asylum seeker status.

That makes them illegal. They MUST be returned to north Africa!

They want a better life on the backs of taxpayers. They are mostly unskilled and unemployable. Europe is making a rod for its own back by not returning them to the shores of North Africa.

Superficial reporters ask why these people should risk their lives if they were not genuine. The answer is very simple, but is not understood by journalists – they are willing to put their lives at risk because they are not told the dangers by their illegal organisers, because they want to transfer the very evils they say they want to escape, to Europe, reducing Europe to another Islamic backwater, and because they do not wish to work, but only want social benefits, which are numerous... something for nothing. And the higher this unemployable benefit-taking mass rises, the lower the standard of living becomes for those who have to pay for it all. Even though the UK is thankfully not connected to mainland Europe, we already are at breaking point with the NHS,
housing, benefits, education, etc., because if migrants. And let’s get it straight – though some eastern Europeans are bad characters, I would prefer them to filling our country with Muslims, whose intention is to Islamise us.