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These folks are deceived!

No man can do what Obama does if he is a believer!

We may not judge a man's soul - but we ARE called to judge him by his words and actions. I see nothing in either to call Obama a Christian. Many of his actions are plain foul - employing mainly homosexuals is one indication; and then there is pro-Islamicism, his gangster affiliations, his refusal to make his past known, and his blatant Marxism, are all vital clues! Someone who is a President would not make all those errors if he were a Christian, but would make very sure his claim to salvation tied in with what he said and did.

Those Christians who say otherwise have sold out Christ in order to get the supposed president's favours.

The issue is very obvious - if Obama claims to be saved, then let him act it out in real life, and not like a mobster who rejects his voters and does whatever he likes, destroying the nation and Christian witness. HE MUST PROVE HIS SALVATION!