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H.R. McMaster, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser  “sees the threat of Islam through an Obama administration lens, meaning that religion has nothing to do with the war we are in.” (Sebastian Gorka, Jerusalem Post, 27 August 2017)

"When jihad terrorists the world over are invoking the Qur’an and Sunnah to justify their actions and make recruits among peaceful Muslims, this is a self-defeating stance that prevents American officials from understanding the enemy and devising ways to counter that enemy properly. This was something Trump appeared to be saying during his campaign that he would end. When he rebuked Obama and Hillary Clinton for refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorism,” he seemed to be saying that he would deal realistically with the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat. Trump has failed, and betrayed that promise." (Jihad Watch, 28 August 2017)

If the Koran was a poem

“This is an hammer.

I am going to beat your brains out with it.

I will do it because I found the command to do so in a poem.” (Poemist Extremist, 610 AD to present)

No, says the onlooker. It has nothing to do with the poem.

So the hammer is left in the man’s hand and the poem is not destroyed.

So around the corner another person lays dead of hammer wounds.

But, the poem is okay. It is sent off to someone else, who repeats the same actions and quotes the same poem and so the body count continues to rise exponentially. 


When will Western governements destory the poem that inspires the Poemist Extremist to use a hammer to beat the brains out of anyone?

When will Western governments purge completely followers of the poem from their borders?

Why do Western governments want to protect and welcome more followers of the poem so that they can follow the commandments of the poem and kill?