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“The Irish government has applied for an EU-IMF bail-out of up to €90 billion to save its banking sector from collapse and reduce its borrowing costs, a move that in effect places Irish democracy, like that of Greece, under the protectorship of experts from Brussels and Washington.” (Eurobserver, 22 November 2010).

We said a while ago that Ireland would be bailed-out. Now it is happening. note that it will be "under the protectorate of the EU... and the USA". The EU cast British allies out of the trading picture - New Zealand, etc.,. because they were not in Europe. Yet now, it uses the USA to back its socialist financial mess. And why? The USA is close to its own demise, thanks to Obama and his particular brand of Marxism. It seems sense and truth have no place in this unholy pit of lies. The reason for the bailouts is to keep the EU itself in good shape! This is one bully supporting other bullies, so they can all run amok in the political playground, bullying its citizens into submission.


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