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I am amazed! Some news sites are actually asking what makes ISIS "tick"? Why are they doing what they do?

It is like a sick joke.

Muslims have been on a killing spree since Mohammed made up his Koran. 

They have never stopped. ISIS are not insurgents – they are a murderous army intent on controlling the world IN THE NAME OF ALLAH AND ACCORDING TO TEACHINGS IN THE KORAN!

This is why Islam must itself be controlled and not allowed access to free nations.

ISIS and a growing number of Muslims are doing what they do because they love killing, want personal power and riches, and hate everyone else. That is it!

They began life in Syria because they wanted to take advantage of the chaos already in the country. They pretended to side with certain factions, so that the disaffected Muslims joined them, swelling their numbers. Next comes the international caliphate. Syria was only the testing ground.

THERE! Got the picture yet? Or are you one of the many who pretend?

We are now in Satan's time of freedom, because of our refusal to obey God and to live holy lives. We play PC games instead of doing what is right. Satan is controlling ISIS, not Islam. Islam is only a useful tool.