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Benjamin Netanyahu 2012The clear majority for the Likud party in the Israeli general election 17 March 2015 means that Benjamin Netanyahum will serve a third term as Israel's Prime Minister (Guardian, 18 March 2015) . Mr Netanyahum has said I am not a 'freier', which is a Yiddish word for the English slang word  'sucker'. (LA Times, 25 July 1997) (Guardian, 18 March 2015). A true leader is, indeed, not a freier! Someone who will not be taken in by false promises and stand-up for the rights of the Jews and others (Guardian, 18 March 2015). I pray that God in His mercy gives Mr Netanyahum God's spirit of righteous judgement.

And for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate. (Isaiah 28:6)

Do not stand against Israel

One has to follow Middle East politics very closely for some years to understand what is happening.

But the main point for Christians is this - God chose Israel as His people.

Though they rejected the Messiah and suffered for it in the great diaspora of 70 AD, and in various murderous acts since, including the foul Holocaust, God has never cast them off completely. And, scripture says they will be again shown mercy by God before the final days, even taking on the mantle of evangelism from the Gentiles. For this reason, and more, we should stand by Israel and believe its claims.

In my own studies I see in large numbers of cross-referenced articles that Israel is the only sane country in the Middle East; persecution and murder coming from 'Palestine' and other sources show complete hatred by Islamists for Israel; and Israel only hits out when it has endured MANY attacks from Hamas, etc. There is no doubt in my mind about any of this and I am increasingly unimpressed by people who say otherwise against all evidences. It is hard for onlookers to come to a conclusion... but just remember the warning not to stand against Israel, the people chosen by God, and who still have a vital future spiritual role to play.