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Another 60 people have been killed in Gaza via overnight shelling by Israel. (BBC, 29 July 2014)

In an example of stark brainwashing, many people in Gaza, when asked who is to blame for the deaths, repeat the Hamas line – Israel!!

Is it too obvious to ask them WHO is shelling Israel daily, using hundreds of rockets and bombs to kill Israelis?

Is it too obvious to ask these deluded people WHO started the violence with terroristic acts?

Is it too obvious to ask what THEY would do if Israel fired rockets at them for no good reason (other than terrorism)?

Is it too obvious to ask why it is always Israel who initiates a cease-fire, and why it is that Hamas never abides by them?

Is it too obvious to ask them why it is okay for Hamas to build tunnels containing weapons and bombs from which to attack Israel... but it is not okay for Israel to do something about them?

Israel has the sovereign right to defend itself against constant terroristic attacks by Hamas. The people of Gaza should take a step back and ask why they are deliberately stepping into a fire-zone when they have been warned it is coming! They are doing it because, from birth, they have been groomed into terror mind-sets! They think it is normal to obey terrorists who call them to deliberately stand in an area about to be bombed. They think it is okay for terrorists to daily bomb Israel, but not for Israel to fight back!

There is seriously something wrong with these people of Gaza and with the media idiots who repeat the same follies.