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France and Germany, cohorts for some time in the EU den of thugs, now plans to strike hard at Britain by imposing an EU-wide tax (Daily Express, 5th Jan 2012).

The tax would be on financial transactions, and handed over to the greedy Eurocrats in Brussels, to continue their rampage through the coffers of Europe. Experts tell us the tax would lose half a million British jobs, as well as cripple economic growth, businesses and pensions. The only beneficiaries would be EU banks and those who rule-without-permission in the EU.

Both France and Germany have vowed to bring the UK to its knees because Cameron used his veto in a recent conference. He now has no option but to use it again, against the proposed tax. But, he will have to act fast, for the French say the tax will become a reality by the end of this year... they are speeding it along EU legal processes as quickly as possible, so that countries do not have time to have a proper argument. To put it colloquially, Cameron must tell the EU to take a very long walk along a very short pier!

As British authorities correctly say, we do not have to adopt any EU plan. But, Europhiles insist on staying in the EU, even though it is destroying every country in its grasp. We can thank every PM since deceptive Heath for all this.

I have said it before – we must get out now! It is delusional to think we will then be cast out and will suffer extensively. Tell businesses we are coming out and they will quickly develop exit strategies. There would be an initial fall and perhaps a financial lull, but after that we will be in better shape than we have been in for a very long time!

This latest ploy by Germany and France proves their disloyalty to member states, and their very nasty character, which is the character of the EU itself. It has mis-spent funds and spends exorbitant sums on salaries and expenses. It is about time all these pseudo-government officials lost their jobs... jobs that have no basis in reality or in need. They voted for their own financial gains. Now let them melt away into the dust!

I am no friend of fat-cats, but I prefer them to the EU, which is uncontrolled and arrogant in the extreme. If we concede to the EU on the tax, we will be that one step closer to the final aim of the EU – total dominance and relegation of England to being a minor region coupled to northern France. In other words, a region and not a country.

We sincerely hope, and ask for, voices to shout out against incorporation into the biggest fascist state there has ever been since Hitler's Nazi machine was crushed. We must again demand that we get out of the EU immediately, before many more billions of our money are lost to faceless men in Brussels.

© 5 January 2012


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