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Violence has erupted throughout the Middle East because  Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Some have criticised him for doing so, saying that it will unleash more violence.

But, wait a moment – that area is ALREADY committed to mindless violence anyway!!

And violence coming from ‘Palestine’ is ongoing – violence being its daily wickedness!

In other words – so what?

Yes, Muslims will step up their harassment of the West, but it is about time the West stood up to the continual Islamic bullying of non-Muslims.

We must also ask a question – what has Trump’s declaration got to do with those who do not live in Jerusalem???

Nothing!! The reactions in other places are evidence of hatred for the West and Jews. The fake hold on Temple Mount is manufactured, a claim made outside of historical facts. The Muslims still have control of the Mount, so what is the big deal? The deal is that Islam wants ALL of Jerusalem. Simple as that. But not content with political negotiations, Muslims prefer to use violence, as they do everywhere in the world where they can’t get their own way. The violence was coming; anyone with sense knows it. So, Trump has not really caused it.

Islamic countries should just shut up – they already have their Mecca. But, typically of Islam, they also want control of anywhere else they stake a fake claim... including buildings and burial grounds legally owned by Jews.

Much of ‘Palestine’ was bought and covered by contracts by Israelis Jerusalem belongs to the family of David... and today there are a defined group of David’s family alive today. Therefore, THEY own Temple Mount, not the fickle and violent Muslims. Forget the ‘poor Palestinians’ who want death and evil, for they bring their own downfall upon themselves. Israel has always offered them free health care and jobs!