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The killing of a political opponent is horrific.

There is no way anyone can justify the murder of a Labour MP, Jo Cox.

Her views were part of our national problem – socialism.

But, this does not condone murder.

The killer will now hide behind the plea of ‘mental illness’. In any non-socialist state he should be put to death quickly. But, the UK defied the Lord, Who demands death for murder,
fifty years ago, by repealing the death penalty, when we had no right to do so. So, we reap what we sow. (In this case there is absolute certainty as to who is the aledged murderer as there were multiple witnesses and he was caught with the gun in his hand.)

But, another thing strikes my mind...

In the aftermath, flags were flown at half-mast, etc. This is at least a nod in the direction of showing respect for one of our representatives.

BUT... no sentiment or show is made of the THOUSANDS of Christians throughout the world who are murdered by Muslims. Socialists who inflict socialism and its godlessness upon the nation attract the kind of evils displayed by the murderer, because it is what they allow.

But, genuine Christians only preach truth and the Gospel, the TRUE religion of peace. They don’t kill their opposition and enemies, they don’t go around murdering homosexuals, even though gays show us hatred in abundance, and we don’t kill the Muslims next door.

So, remember this when you watch the news and rightly agree that the murder of an ordinary woman with kids is an abomination...  the doctrines taught by Labour, which is the ‘blunt end’ of Marxism, are also an abomination.