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Many Muslims in a New Zealand mosque were murdered by a westerner.

Murder of ANYONE is horrific and wrong, and the killer/s must face a death penalty.

But, Western governments shrink back from this very practical law of God.

So, murder has become commonplace, leading to nothing more than a shrug of shoulders!

I can tell you what will come next – governments everywhere, supported by many false churches, will ‘stand alongside their brothers’ – Muslims. Automatically whilst the New Zealand government condemns the foul act, as they should, they also condemn their own attitudes, which have attracted actions like this. Like so many other countries, they have allowed or invited millions of Muslims into Western lands.

Muslims have told us plainly they will not integrate and WILL take over and impose Sharia. Only then will stupid western leaders understand what they have done.

Governments have ignored the daily murders committed by jihadists in all parts of the world, and particularly against Christians. We have warned for years that this kind of reaction from westerners WILL happen, because governments do not listen. Yet, New Zealand will now bend over backwards to accommodate Islamic outrage.


And that is why many more such westerner-attacks are anticipated.

We at BTM do not want this to happen. We see ALL murder as evil and against God’s laws.

But, western governments do not seem to agree with this, by making excuses for all the foul murders committed by raging Muslims around the world... and so ‘lone wolf’ westerners will bring about what they see as rough justice. And, what THEY do will receive blind outrage whereas murder by jihadists will still be treated as a muted subject, not polite to talk about!

Yes, we want the West to be closed against Islam; the fear of jihad is only a minor but frightening part of this. Our reason is found in the Old Testament where God makes it very clear that pagan idolaters should never be found amongst believers. These same pagans, those of Islam, want to destroy our civilisation... even though the West is destroying its own existence by evil sexual, moral, political, societal and other sins. But, we can assure readers that once Islam overcomes us the end result will be too nasty to contemplate.

Whilst you show concern and anger for what happened in New Zealand, please remember – Islamic jihadists, many of whom are ‘ordinary’ Muslims, murder Christians, non-Muslims AND fellow Muslims EVERY SINGLE DAY somewhere in the world. The prime cause is Islam; the secondary cause is Western ignorant men who pretend to rule wisely. Let the New Zealand murders remind us all that Islam does far worse every day. And until we deal out justice to ALL murderers, including Muslim jihadists, these horrors will continue.

Do not, then, condemn the New Zealand killer without ALSO condemning daily jihad murders!