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The excuses not to blame Islam keep on coming!

Latest (confirmed??) info is that the Islamic killer had frequented the gay club 'Pulse' he shot-up. Thus (Jeremy Vine show, BBC Radio 2 – not a well-researched programme by any means), it has been suggested that he could not face his own homosexuality, so killed those who could.

This is feasible, but it has been a steady urban legend used in psychiatry for over forty years!

I remember arguing against it with consultant psychiatrists (who wished they had kept their mouths shut) when I worked in mental hospitals. Such an excuse is a clever cover-all for criticising homosexuality... when anyone argues against it, they are said to be ‘latent homosexuals who are afraid to face their own feelings and desires’.

So, if I am critical of murder, it ‘must be’ because I am a latent killer? Nonsense!!

The idea might have legitimacy in certain limited circumstances, but being critical does not mean we want to indulge in the things we criticise! And in the case of homosexuality, I am genuinely sickened by the perverse things homosexuals do with each other; I know they are the cause of the world’s biggest ongoing pandemic, killing millions; I know they want to ruin children sexually, and so on. There is a BIG list of reasons why being critical of homosexuality is genuine. But, the biggest reason is sufficient – God condemns it outright!

So, the fact (?) that the killer might have indulged in homosexuality is not a reason to say that the motive for the murders is rooted in his own homosexuality. Other things crowd the scene... his connection to ISIS, his shouting of the Islamic call, his Islamic background, His telephone call to the media telling them his was an ISIS act, and so on.

Also, many Muslims are active homosexuals and paedophiles, so there is nothing strange in his homosexuality.

We must add that Muslims are encouraged to mingle with those they hate, so that they can infiltrate them as targets.

Not only do they join churches so they can assassinate pastors, but they join others, such as homosexuals, to gain access to them as a target group. Some Christians are saying that the gays shot dead were ‘only getting their just desserts’. We must be upfront with this – in a sense they are quite right, because God condemns them to hell for their wickedness, and on many occasions He sends other wicked persons to deal with them. We must also remember that ALL of us can stand condemned for our own sins when we do not repent. Others are referring to the gays as ‘innocent’... but they are not. They are evil men and women whose end will be hell unless they repent and know the Saviour. Homosexuals have no place in any country. Their presence is a curse upon the nation, and an acceptance of evil as ‘normal’; the harm they cause the nation cannot be calculated. They are certainly under judgment by God. So, the ‘innocent’ plea falls on deaf biblical ears. Even so, it is not the right of an individual to harm these people, wicked though they are. Rather, the law must be changed so that what they do is considered to be
illegal, illicit and immoral, so that they hide away again. And, we must not show tolerance for such evil.

That the killer could not face his own homosexuality is an assumption, not a proven fact. Even if it was a fact, we must not thus make his Islamic terror a mere psychological problem, or that it was the sole reason for his murderous activity.

It is all conjecture! But, his calling out of Islamic allegiance to Allah is a fact, and ties in with the fact that several Islamic preachers are currently in the USA calling for the execution of homosexuals. They are just carrying on what they are doing in all Islamic countries, even though many Muslims are homosexual... they happily join both evils in the name of Allah!

Remember, too, that the call to kill homosexuals is found in the Koran.

It is possible that the shooter was influenced by these hate preachers, but no authority has arrested them, and Obama will not condemn them (how could he, when he was himself homosexual?).

The rationalising of the terror attack will continue and the role of Islam will be downplayed. I wonder what other ‘reasons’ will emerge? People of the USA – what just happened will happen again and again, unless you do something about it. You can start with the deportation of known radicals and stopping further immigration of Muslims.