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There is a report in the Times (13 February 2016), starting with a front-page propaganda piece saying “Europe feels like day before First World War, president warns.” I will quote from the piece and then comment on each bit pf propaganda. We can expect everything to ramp-up as we get closer to a referendum to leave or stay. But, don’t expect honest from either Cameron or the EU.

“David Cameron risks losing the EU referendum as voters blame Brussels for a migration crisis driving the continent

To its most perilous days since the eve of the First World war, one of its senior figures warned yesterday.” (Front page)

Comment: Quite right! We thank the EU for giving a really big reason for us to leave its stranglehold. And yes, we do blame Brussels for this crisis. But, it is nothing like the days before WW1.

“The migration crisis is the worst political context for this referendum, I have no doubt, because it is easy to blame the EU as a whole, the EU institutions, other European countries for this migration crisis.” (Donald Tusk, EU President)(Front page)

Comment: Well yes – it IS the fault of the EU. It is the EU, and particularly Merkel, who brought in these awful, violent, lawless Islamists. They have completely ruined Calais, where migrants roam freely with iron bars and knives. They kick down doors of private houses in daylight when the owners are within, to eat their food and drink their wine. They steal their money.

Calais is now under the rule of the lawless migrants! Locals are being evicted from their homes to make way for them. This is horrendous, but it is being played out through all of Europe. It is why we call, time and again, to stop the migrant invasion. I care for justice and peace... I DO NOT CARE for these migrants!! Their aims are obvious, and their Islamic mind-set is deplorable. We have been told by British leaders that we must get out of the UK if we can’t accept the migrants. Why should we accept this kind of behaviour and the very clear warning that Islam will take over?

God help us all - because the authorities won’t.

Calais is now lost to evil, to thousands of people whose aim is to destroy and bring in the caliphate.

Is this what we want for the UK???

We urge you to send this video to all MPs, churches, local media.

They assault locals for no reason. Calais has lost almost all its economic base, because businesses have shut down and the town has lost 60% of its income. There are 18,000 (rising) migrants in Calais and they are violent. This is going on everywhere in the mainland EU. Thankfully, the UK is separated by a stretch of sea, but there is talk of the UK transporting the illegal Calais camp, with its 18,000 violent men, to Folkestone or Dover! God forbid!! Every EU country is to blame.

Poland and Hungary resisted for a short while, before the EU leaders got to them, so they backed down. The migration crisis is the fault of our weak leaders and the fascism of the EU itself who demanded we take these people in, at immense cost to each country and to the demise of each country’s citizens, Calais shows us how Islam will take over. It is easy – police do nothing, local authorities do nothing. Very soon migrants will own and run Calais altogether. That is frightening.

“Mr Cameron is braced for a fresh storm... accusations that his opponents have succeeded in watering down key demands.”

Comments: It is all true! We have warned of this for several years. We also warned that Cameron would pretend to hold Talks and come away with ‘victories’. Now, everyone can see that his claimed ‘victories’ are just vapour, meaningless. Even if he was successful, he has handed sovereignty to the EU. Tusk in secret memos to every EU leader, says that while minor 0changes might be forthcoming, there will be no changes in EU policies/treaties. And, even as the migration crisis wreaks havoc, Merkel continues to whip the EU into obeying her demands to bring in even more!!

Comments: The supposed ‘brake’ on paying out benefits to migrants... this not even a genuine brake. People suppose Cameron is talking about stopping benefits. Not so!! No, he is asking to reduce benefits for a while, before giving full benefits after a  short waiting period. The UK is being duped by double-talk! And the supposed ‘brake’ will only apply once or for a limited period. Remember that Cameron wants us to stay in the EU, so he will lie and deceive to reach his goal. Now he is sending in the ‘dogs of war’ to further deceive with horror stories about the UK’s inability to exist outside the fascist camp.

“Officials insisted that the latest draft contained only minor changes.” (Page 4)

Comments: Did we not warn this would happen – making big claims for unessential progress? As Tusk said, the minor effect of any changes do not affect in any way the overall EU aims and policies.

“Migration is the first problem because I have no doubt that the details (of the new settlement) are not as important for the people of the UK as the main political mood.” (Tusk)

Comments: Too right, Mr Tusk! We can see what is going on throughout Europe, the lawlessness, the burning down of hostels, the trashing of free food and drink, the giving out of high benefits, the murders, the violence, the rapes. Why should the UK put up with this garbage? The facts have been given for a year or more – almost all the migrants are young men of  fighting age – and fight they do, every day! The police do nothing. The EU does nothing. Therefore the UK must stand alone.

WE DO NOT WANT these migrants!! Nor can we afford them. The costs for keeping migrants in Germany has been assessed to be several billion a year!! The UK cannot afford to maintain this level of benefits. And, anyway, as it has been proved that almost all migrants are only here to reap state benefits and are unemployable – the EU can keep them!! For us migration IS the most important thing. As for policies, EU policies drive up total costs for the UK, and yet we pay for this privilege with hard-earned taxes, to the tune of many billions a year.

Tusk likened today to“the build up to the outbreak of the First World War, events that too many by surprise.”

Comments: What utter nonsense! There is no comparison! The migration crisis is no surprise!! It was known beforehand, was and is an EU directive, warned against by many, and was put into place without seeking the vote of the people. There is no surprise. Everyone knew that an influx of so many so-called ‘migrants’ would be akin to an Islamic invasion! We all heard ISIS warn that it would send in many operatives amongst ‘migrants’... which has happened, yet the EU insists on adding even more. This is a manufactured crisis for whatever reason. And it must be rejected. We have no moral duty to give aid to people who hate us, and whose individuals want to kill us. We have no moral duty to help even genuine refugees, whose aim is to Islamise the West and to drag it into medieval obscurity with sharia! Islam has made no progress in any field apart from evil and death. Why should the UK want any of this? And Islam kills those who will refuse to comply with its barbarous, backward regime. No surprises – just calculated stupidity by the EU and Cameron.

“The former European Commission president, Jose Manual Barroso, became the latest figure to cast doubt on whether Mr Cameron’s ‘emergency brake’ would cut migration to Britain.”

Comments: How brazen these EU people are! He is talking as if the UK will remain in the EU (thus obliging Satan even more).

If we get out quickly, we can cut migration to nil if we wished! And, even if we strayed in the EU, applying options to cut benefits across the EU board would be better than nothing... though any common sense person would say we must cut ALL benefits to ALL migrants from day one. Then, they won’t come, except (as they are now doing in the EU) when they just disappear. And if they do come we can throw them out again. Who cares if these violent young men are returned to dangerous countries? They are violent and show no regard for life – let them go back to their equally vile countrymen.

“He (Barosso) dismissed efforts to assert parliamentary sovereignty... In the age of globalisation (Ed One World government) sovereignty is better protected if we are together... So, we share sovereignty.”

Comments: Get it? The EU ‘shares’ sovereignty. What rhetorical absurdity! The EU shared sovereignty has not saved us from Islamic onslaughts!! Nor does it save us from innumerable EU laws that overwhelm us, ruin our trade and society. We want our sovereignty returned, not diluted or taken from us. There is nothing ‘shared’ – we hand over our right to govern ourselves to unnamed pen-pushers in Brussels, who ignore sovereignty and just do whatever they like, making themselves filthy rich in the process.