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Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist of the Marxist kind. And Marxism has repeatedly failed as an ideology, many times in the past. Note that he says there is a strong socialist case to remain in the EU. Of course there is!! The EU is socialist and fascist. Marxism is merely the other side of the same socialist coin.

Without the EU Corbyn and his Marxist cohorts would be made much weaker.

"Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has this morning made his first major intervention in the EU referendum campaign by setting out the “strong socialist case for staying in the European Union”. Having come under criticism from many in his party over his lukewarm support for EU membership, Corbyn tried to rally Labour voters to come out and vote for Remain, saying “By working together across our continent we can develop our economies, protect social and human rights, tackle climate change and clamp down on tax dodgers. You cannot build a better world unless you engage with the world, build allies and deliver change. The EU, warts and all, has proved itself to be a crucial international framework to do that”. However, in a move that will frustrate some in his party, he also gave a strongly critical view of the EU in its current form saying that the EU “lacks democratic accountability to its people” and “pressures member states to privatise and deregulate”. (Open Europe, 2014)

See how he wants to ‘develop our economies’ – that is, EU-dictated economy for the whole EU, whether we like it or not. He talks about protecting social and human rights – that is, Marxist idea of these two things, including strengthening the foul case for homosexuality and all its evil sub-types.

He says we can then tackle ‘climate change’ (AKA the failed global warming)... only an idiot thinks he can change climate!! If we continue with fake climate laws every citizen will be thousands of pounds poorer! And nothing will change climate.

His idea of changing the world for the better is to join with the world. This is exactly opposite to what God says! It is joining with the world that has led to people’s demise generally. The ‘change’ Corbyn looks for is that of Obama... total socialism with its anti-God ideology.