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Stop the Eu tweet Tony Benn

The EU moguls have weighed in to the leave or stay debate.

It has been made very clear that the EU will punish the UK even if it remains in the EU!!

This, friends, is another example of the EU’s fascist stance. And another reason to leave.

The EU bosses say that leaving of its ranks could take up to seven years.


Any UK leader with guts would cut down that time significantly.

Let us remind readers WHY we must leave... that is, as Christians. I mean genuine Christians.

Firstly, the EU is behind much that is sinful and wicked. The demand to accept homosexuality is just one feature. But, it is not this demand that should bother us. What is abominable is the
EU-wide punishment of Christians and others who do not wish to accept homosexuality, including its farcical demand for same-sex marriage. Making all things homosexual ‘legal’ is one thing – punishing those who dissent is quite another. And, as recent news prove, this seemingly ‘simple’ acceptance is only the beginning – far worse and more filthy demands are on their way... paedophilia, bestiality, incest, and much more.

Secondly, the EU philosophy (evolutionist, humanist, atheist) hates Christians and will do all in its power to destroy God, His word, and His people. This is not surprising as the EU concept is
built upon paganism.

Thirdly, no Christian can willingly remain in an organisation that strikes down Christians and yet promotes Islam, which also hates us. The aim of the EU is to mingle Muslims to such an extent
that they effectively remove Christians and their Bible. The EU is accepting its jihadist mindset though it is abhorrent, violent, totalitarian, and murderous. If we remain in the EU this will get
much worse, and Europe will change forever, to a caliphate of Satan.

Fourthly, the EU has already taken our sovereignty. We want it back. The EU is simply the old Nazi regime resurrected. The overall leadership is from Germany, who dictates who we are
and what we must do. It is a fallacy when UK ‘remain’ leaders say we can have our say in the EU and forge ahead as a leader. The EU has not listened thus far! When the UK speaks, the EU
does not listen. We have no part in the leadership. And, with Turkey, a rampant Islamic state, poised to join, we should be extremely worried! Not only is it helping ISIS to kill, but it is very
easy with jihad. After all, it brought about the Armenian genocide. It is what Islam does best.

It is about time Christians take stock, and become hard-nosed about it. I have heard of some Christian preachers push the “love Muslims” idea, even when those same Muslims tell us they
hate the true God of scripture, and want us all to be subdued by sharia. We must be realistic... we MUST NOT accept Islam in any form and may NOT ‘love’ Muslims no matter what they do.

Throughout the Old Testament He displays intense hatred for all pagan and heathen religions.

He condemned and severely punished Israel and Judah for adopting the same beliefs and actions as the surrounding heathen countries. Then, when they did not listen, God removed both
Israel and Judah, including their kings.

GET REAL! The EU is opposed to God. They are issuing a continuous warning to us, that they will not tolerate a Christian approach to society. The true ‘religion of peace’, Christianity, is killed-off,
while the false ‘religion of peace’ Islam, is embraced though it openly tells us it is a religion of conquest, hate and murder!

If you are a genuine Christian you will reject all the ‘reasons’ for staying in the EU.

If you are not a true believer, then you will subject yourself willingly as a slave of EU fascism.

Yes, I mean it. To accept staying in a vile, fascist, anti-God, pro-Islam organisation cannot be justified.

James Waddell and Rafael Gasper were interview by Radio 5 Live on 25 May 2016 and talk about why they want to Leave the EU.