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This is What May’s ‘Deal’ Will Cost the UK

Member states of the EU have been soothed by a note from Brussels – that the UK Will STILL be tied to its laws and rules for many years to come, AND we will still pay a staggering multi-billion leaving fee... even though we have no legal reason to do so!!

Brussels also told them they have got “almost everything” they wanted in important areas, thanks to May’s turncoat actions. Trade will also be controlled by the EU, and fishing rights in favour of EU fleets will INCREASE. The news was presented to EC rulers, with info given by journalist Nick Gutterridge.

As we have said for years, we MUST get out with NO DEAL!! Otherwise we will still be shackled to the EU, gaining nothing and losing everything!

The boss of Wetherspoon, Tim Martin, has got his head screwed on right...

He said “A deal with the EU is a trap – just ask the Greeks”! a Trojan Horse indeed!

As the Chairman of a large concern, Martin says that the ‘cliff edge’ Theresa May is portraying is an illusion she is putting out to deceive us into accepting her ‘deal’.

The ‘deal’ is her allegiance payment to the EU, making sure we get nothing and the EU gets the cream. Anything we cannot buy from the EU can easily be bought from the rest of the world or from the UK... so the only ones to suffer will be EU sellers!

Wetherspoons has tested this theory by NOT selling its usual German-sourced beers and replacing them with UK-made beers at LESS cost and HIGHER income!! You might say, who should Christians listen to the profit-ideas of a pub chain? The reason is simple – it is a large company with professional directors who have examined the Brexit debacle for a long time, and investigated the post-Brexit situation in great detail. EVERY company with EU interests has done so and the conclusions are clear – GET OUT NOW without a deal... or be deluded into accepting a ‘deal’ that harms us for decades to come.

Always remember – as we have said many times – the EU needs us, but we don’t need them!

The UK can drive down imports to zero, according to Martin, and I believe it after looking at the figures and facts for the past several years. We have also noted that even if there is a slight dip in trading for a short while, we still have 93% of the world to trade with!!

And if the EU wanted to cut up rought, all we need do is slap a heavy import tax on all its goods... then wait for the fur to fly as exporters battle it out with the EU moguls. It means the EU will suffer – not us! Importantly, as Martin says, “We want freedom and democracy”.

He reminds us of a leaflet posted through every UK door before the Referendum, which promised “The government will implement what you decide”. Yeah, right!! May is betraying
that promise with her own ‘deal’.

Martin adds that Cameron and his cronies predicted a deadly spiral of commercial death if we did not adopt the Euro. We can thank God we rejected it... and nothing bad has happened.

Like me, Martin says if anything adverse did happen (which he does not believe) it would be worth it just to get back our freedom from what is a fascist organisation that wants to become a total nation, where member states are reduced to vassal status supporting a vast EU army. WHO in Germany does that remind you of??

To quote Martin: “A ‘deal’ is just a trap laid by the CBI, the FT and others, for keeping us in the EU” and by keeping to a ‘deal’ we are submitting to the EU powers, thus showing our weakness to a trashy, dark and uncontrolled beast, who feeds on our fears. “But the public isn’t all that thick, and perfectly understands that the customs union means staying in the EU by the back door.” And this is true – a deal is just another way of keeping us chained to the EU. Making us dependent on the EU and so reducing our economic progress to nothing.

“Almost all MPs were elected on a manifesto of honouring the referendum result, So, let’s have some honour we say, by leaving the EU and the customs union on 29th March”. DO NOT PANIC!! Once we have left the obnoxious totalitarian EU we can immediately drop import tariffs. What this will do is immediately bring world trade to our doors – and we don’t need to check everything with the EU!!

Indeed, the world has already worked out its strategies and plans, and is waiting to see we do the right thing. Then, they’ll flood in and our trading situation will be greatly enhanced. Dropping the tariffs will also mean cheaper goods in the shops for over 12,500 products. And note – every time we take money in tariffs, we pay it to Brussels!! We thus lose the money.

Remember – the £39 BILLION payment to the EU for leaving is NOT legally enforceable, so May is trying to give away a huge sum that could easily pay for new hospitals or schools, instead of to
faceless EU moguls and unproductive sectors of the EU. By leaving without a deal, our fishermen, whose work has been stolen by EU fishing fleets for many years, can rebuild their own fleets.

Martin says that “The cliff-edge nonsense is just another pro-EU shaggy-dog story... It’s time to say Goodbye.” Finally, “(That our future) should depend on the outcome of negotiations with the
unelected Brussels oligarchs we oppose, is deeply offensive.”

All-in-all Martin leads a large commercial company, so the people should listen to his company’s projections of post-Brexit activity. Such companies have already assessed the situation and won’t support May’s ‘deal’ unless it would improve their bottom line. They have concluded it won’t.

Many UK companies think the same way... except for those who have vested interests in their individual results that won’t benefit the public. Look again at the facts and figures we published
before the referendum and remind yourself of the truth!

I don’t rely on Wetherspoons and I don’t drink their beers... but we must look above the issue of individual pubs, and look at national trade, as Martin is doing. And remember – a no-deal
also means we control our borders and can stop Muslims streaming in by both front and back
doors! We can also freely deport UK-haters.

So, you have an analysis of one of the UK’s top businesses. And it doesn’t even refer to God!

Analysis can be undertaken on a simple statistical and business level, but as Believers we should understand that people like Martin can protect us better than anything put out by the EU, which
loathes Christians and hates anything we stand for. We have an opportunity to get out from the crushing weight of pro-wicked laws which flow thick and fast from Brussels for the only single reason – to control member states with fascism. Christians MUST stand firm and get out of the EU. Contact your MP and demand he or she obeys the Referendum mandate. Get them to
agree to a ‘no-deal’ Brexit so we can at last be freed from our chains. OR, LET MAY DESTROY WHAT LITTLE FREEDOM WE HAVE LEFT.