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Your ref: GB/WADD01001/01/01121230

Geraint Davies MP Swansea West (Labour)

Dear Mr Davies

Re: Letter 18 December 2012 Same Sex Marriage

Thank you for your detailed reply and making clear to me your support for Same Sex Marriage.

As you know the government's consultation on Same Sex Marriage, which I responded to, was a farce in its structure and questioning as it only related to the implementation of the government's proposals and not on whether they were valid in the first place - that is not a consultation!

The government's report on the consultation has not changed anything; accept to show they are in the pocket of Stonewall and other GLBTQ lobby groups. How many ministers and MP's have been threatened with an 'outing' if they don't support Same Sex Marriage? Nothing else explains the irrational determination to introduce such a perverse policy that will have such a major impact on society.

None of the main political parties had the guts to put Same Sex Marriage in their manifesto at the last election, and yet they are charging through with a policy of 'let's do it quick before the public realise we have no mandate.'[i]

Your unbridled support for Same Sex Marriage appears to be based on the need for "the state and society to recognise and respect commitment", to what?

  • Men and women who want to participate in same sex high risk sexual practices that promote diseases and physical harm to the participants.
  • Gay men who were the source of the HIV and AIDS in the world and have killed millions through blood transfusions and bi-sexual relationships taking the virus to innocent heterosexuals.
  • Sterile same sex relationships, that can never consummate, and make a parody of heterosexual relationships and gender based roles of husband and wife.
  • The rejection of nature and mankind as being male and female and being united in marriage to the opposite sex to procreate.
  • • Forcing all citizens to bow to the wishes of sexual deviants who delight in being queer and lament that Same Sex Marriage will bring a form of respectability and remove the zest of their perverseness (paraphrase of Peter Tatchell).
  • Promotion of Same Sex Marriage as being green; after all they can't have children and will reduce the population – Save the planet... be Gay!
  • Making the Bible an illegal publication as it declares homosexuality as an abomination and a sin against the body and God.
  • Deliberately creating confusion amongst children in state education as to what it means to be male and female and normalising same sex relationships and behaviour as a legitimate lifestyle choice. This also promotes the myth that GLBTQ people are 'born that way', which is completely illogical as their sexual preferences are variable (paraphrase of Peter Tachell).
  • The colossal cost to businesses as they struggle to work out the new political correctness in their documents, websites, human resource policies and contracts.
  • Creating the opportunity for multi-relationship (Man- Woman-Woman) marriages as has happened in other countries that introduced Same Sex Marriage.
  • Persecution by the state of Bible believing Christians, who refuse to teach the state's politically correct morality that homosexual behaviour and relationships are equally valid.

You call this equality. I call this draconian fascism by the political elite who want to teach the "plebs" to embrace sodomites and other sexual deviants. After all being gay is only a sexual preference aka sexual orientation, so why not offer protected characteristic status to the sexual orientation of paedophiles as they say they love and respect the children they abuse?

It is obvious from your own comments and others that all religious organisations will be forced to offer same sex marriage ceremonies and the government's supposed quadruple lock will immediately create legal challenges from the gay community who want nothing more than to crush and remove traditional marriage and morality from society.

No, you are not on my side and you are not on the side of the majority of decent British citizens who think marriage should remain exclusively between a man and a woman.

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Waddell