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Email to Conor Burns MP, 14 March 2011

Dear Mr Burns

Would you be kind enough to forward my letter of 2 March to the Prime Minister for his attention (below).  I have written to Mr Cameron on several occasions but either failed to receive a response, or my letter was passed on into some bottomless pit.

I cannot look the other way at the growing list of human rights abuses under SORs and the ECHR legislation and would like advice on the best course of action to impact those elected to serve the nation to repeal and/or amend the laws.  The government needs to understand that these are grave matters of concern and the majority oppose law changes to sexualise society and marginalise and mock Christians in the process.  The huge backlash against the gays in the Bulls B&B fiasco is a case in point.

It is clear that victims of gross discrimination by our Coalition Government and judiciary are those who follow Biblical beliefs and refuse to be complicit in allowing sexual immorality into their homes and businesses.  The Bulls and the Johns are to be commended on their brave stand.  What is the nature of a government that can ignore such heartless and wicked treatment of those who serve their risen and coming again Saviour?  How can the judges escape retribution for slandering Christian beliefs?  School children are also being coerced to accept LGBT lifestyles.How long do we intend to suffer unaccountable radical activists  invading schools, to rob children of their childhood, to hijack the curriculum and to sexualise and indoctrinate children against their parents moral beliefs? 

Freedom of open debate and freedom to express religious beliefs, without fear of infringing so-called hate laws, is a basic human right.

Tell me sir, I respectfully ask, what is your advice on how to sound an alarm to government that they have gone off the rails of natural law? God is not mocked - our nation will reap the whirlwind unless there is a stand for righteousness to prevail.



Letter to Mr David Cameron MP

2 March 2011

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

Dear Prime Minister

Clash of Fundamentals & Decline of our Nation

When speaking at a security conference in Munich on multiculturism you admitted that “a clash of fundamentals cannot co-exist simultaneously in the same environment. One or the other will naturally prevail”. You called for an end to a double standard that had tolerated the propagation of radical views.

Therefore, it is with great concern that I write about another absurd hostile attack against Christianity through the propagation of radical views highlighted by Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beatson's judgment that biblical beliefs on sexual ethics may prove harmful to children, as well as upholding an EHRC submission that there is a risk of children being "infected" by Christian moral beliefs. What utter nonsense! This surely constitutes discrimination and intolerant “hate speech”. Morality is a preservative whereas sexual promiscuity infects with sexually transmitted disease and AIDS and leads to a nation’s decline.

Judicial prejudice which overturns the provisions of equality laws to protect religious belief should be challenged. Why should “sexual orientation (homosexual activism) take precedence” over the religious beliefs of godly married couples wishing to foster children or run a B&B?

Is it the coalition government’s intention that:

  • minority sexual ‘rights’ should prevail and be allowed to wage war on moral values and overturn the rights of the majority?

  • To allow sexual ‘rights’ to subdue society and take precedence as the rule of law?

  • Does the government agree that Christian ethical beliefs are potentially harmful to children?

  • If not, will any action be taken to amend the sham of equality laws to provide liberty for all and reverse the moral decline of our nation?

The very survival and existence of a harmonious society rests with the freedom for citizens and government to grant freedom of religious beliefs and suppress or reject radical movements and ideologies which aim to strip Britain of its traditional values. This, the government has failed to do by driving Christians into the closet for fear of being dragged through the courts and criminalised.

Yours sincerely

Mrs KH

Isaiah 5:20

© 3 July 2011

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