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The depravity of the Liberal Democratic Party knows no bounds as it has been a champion and driver of policy to legalise LGBTQ rights, Same-Sex Marriage and decriminalising prostitution (libdems.org, F9: Toward Safer Sex Work). So it is perfectly ‘reasonable’ for Dennis Parsons, who is chairman of the Cheltenham Liberal Democrats, during a special session on sex work at their party Conference, to ask why school career officers are currently not allowed to mention prostitution as a potential line of work. Mr Parsons also compared prostitution to accountancy when discussing how to combat the stigma attached to sex work. (Daily Mail, 17 September 2016)

Mr Parsons, a married father-of-five, said:"'The fact that we are asking "should we seek to prevent people entering sex work?" is part of the problem.
'You wouldn't ask the question "should we prevent people becoming accountants?" You'd just take it for granted."

K B Napier of BTM commented: “This man is revolting! Should we question his motives for saying this? (Yes). What human being could so easily urge children to become prostitutes?
What about the health risks, especially of AIDS? Or the potential to be attacked violently? And the immorality of it? And the mental imbalances it causes, with some suicides? In what sense is this the same as accountancy? For goodness sake, he is a dangerous moron. On the other hand, it could become policy in the future, given the gross immorality of politicians today.”

Parsons’ subsequent resignation (Gloucestershire Live, 18 September 2016) and spin on his comments, that they were ‘rhetorical’ or ‘misinterpreted’ is irrelevant - the message was clear and plain to see and it was legitimised by Tim Farron the party leader who said “So, no, I'm not going to go slapping people down. The whole point of having a debate is that you test different opinions and you come out with, on the basis of the evidence, the right solution.” Evidently, Parsons did not!

The tactic of ‘do’ or ‘say’ something absolutely outrageous or depraved, get the media coverage, and then resign or accept the backlash in the short term is a standard tactic of activists in the breaking down of public resistance and their intrinsic revulsion to make abominations and depravity mainstream. Mr Parsons knew exactly what he was doing.

It is now a standard first salvo political attack method to achieve a major cultural change. Look at homosexuality, equality rights, same-sex marriage, prostitution as a profession, transgenderism and the non-binary fantasy, consent rather than commitment, Islam the religion of ‘peace’, refugees not economic migrants, etc. all start with outrageous ‘ideas’ and then given a ‘legitimacy’ by politicians and the media to advance a depraved new world that will ruin and subject everyone to the tyranny and self-destruction of sin.

Delegates also heard that decriminalising prostitution would raise £1 billion a year for the Treasury in taxes – this proposal fits in with the Liberal Democrats policy of wanting to legitimise prostitution at every level. But, this ‘filthy lucre’ approach to society does not refer to the bad results and THEIR costs.

Tim Farron shows that the depraved values of his party knows no bounds by supporting the perversity and not condemning it: “That's how you get to the bottom of these things. Actually, if you believe in education - we're talking about careers - then what you really want is for people to be able to explore ideas, and that means sometimes saying things that are quite shocking, really.”

No – kids are vulnerable. You don’t deliberately send them into danger and filth. Let Parson send himself into prostitution instead!

Farron also said at the party conference in Brighton: “I don’t go making pronouncements on theological matters. And I think as someone who is a liberal, everybody has the right to marry who they want to marry, love who they want to love, and that’s the position we take.” (i news, 18 Sept 2016) (except that homosexuality is just about lust and control, not love).

Mr Farron may want to play act being a Christian, but his open support for same sex marriage, his refusal to declare homosexuality a sin and to want people “to make whatever choices they want” shows he is completely and morally bankrupt, has zero respect for the commandments of God and is clueless about true governance.