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Boris Johnson, the bumbling, yet somehow amiable Mayor of London, will be standing for re-election on May 3rd 2012 alongside his main rival, 'Red Ken' Livingstone (Labour), Brian Paddick (of that all but finished party, the Liberal Democrats), Lawrence Webb ('Fresh Choice for London' / UKIP),  Jenny Jones (Green), Carlos Cortigula (BNP), and Siobhan Benita (Independent). Given recent events (which I'll discuss below), I would argue that Conservative Christians should think very carefully before re-electing this man - indeed, I would call on all Christians to abandon him completely.

Having called him 'amiable', why am I suggesting that Christians should not 'Back Boris' (as the campaign slogan goes), and why do I assert that there is really very little to choose between him, and having the Marxist (yet very rich, and tax-fiddling: Ironic, I know) 'Red Ken' occupying City Hall? Well, perhaps firstly I should explain why I think so many find Boris likeable.  Put simply, he is not your standard politician! He is generally accepted as being rather non-politically correct, and he is often seen as a bit of a rebel, not being afraid to speak up on certain issues, much to the annoyance of David Cameron, who it seems sometimes has trouble restraining him.

Yet, Boris has done something this week that shows himself to be nothing more than an authoritarian. While I allow you to catch your breath at the use of that label, let me explain :  Authoritarianism is when those in power have ultimate authority on what is allowed to be said, done, and ultimately, thought. And now allow me to explain why I make this association with Boris Johnson:

The violent, militant, intolerant, and also fascist 'gay rights' group, Stonewall, have been running a campaign of in-your-face indoctrination for several years now, entitled 'SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY - GET OVER IT!' (obviously, the slogan appears in capital letters, just to ram the point home). As I reported a few years ago, the sad thing is that many people are 'over it', at least outwardly - probably because they are too scared to voice their real opinions in public, given how anybody that does so is automatically ridiculed, bullied, and generally loses their job or faces disciplinary action at work; even if they do not voice their opinions in the workplace (Adrian Smith Demoted for not backing gay marriage fter criticising new law on facebook - Daily Mail, 23 Oct 2011).

A Christian organisation (Core Issues Trust) recently attempted to run a similarly-styled advertisement on the sides of London's iconic 'Double Decker' buses (just as Stonewall also ran its advert on the sides of the Capital's buses), which would have carried the text "Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it!"  Yet, Boris Johnson, assuming the role of Dictator, decided to block the advert, despite the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) saying that the advert broke none of its rules. Apparently Boris found the advert 'offensive'. (Boris blocks Christian anti-gay poster campaign on London buses - Daily Mail 12 April, 2012)

Now, perhaps the reader can see why I label Boris as an authoritarian? Just because Boris, being the Chair of Transport for London (TfL), finds something offensive, he moves to block it, despite the fact that the advert breaks none of the rules of the Advertising Standards Authority. So, simply put, TfL refused to do business with the Core Issues Trust, simply because it didn't like what it had to say. Now, where does taking that stance lead many Christians? The answer is of course, in front of an unjust Judge, (who should take heed to Psalm 82:2. They will "die like men" no matter how invulnerable they believe themselves to be, will stand before the Great Righteous Judge, and be found wanting)

Most people, to quote the ex-Conservative candidate for Ayrshire, Philip Lardner, see homosexuality as "somewhere between unfortunate and plain wrong". Yet, because a minority (including London's Fuhrer) think homosexuality, violence and AIDS are things to be celebrated, these views are simply not allowed to be made manifest openly, and the truth is suppressed. That is authoritarianism that would make Hitler, Stalin, and Mao swell with pride.

So, to all Londoners I say that there is no difference between Boris Johnson, and the self-admittedly Marxist Ken Livingstone (with all of his sickly flattery toward the Islamists of Tower Hamlets - 'Ken Livingstone - I will make London a Beacon of Islam' - Telegraph). Indeed, the candidates from all three main political parties for the London Mayoral election are vehemently pro-Sodomite, and therefore anti-Christian. Make no mistake, in aligning themselves with these militants (see this image of Boris standing alongside Peter Tatchell at London's Gay Pride parade), who openly admit that they hate Christ, and want to groom your children, the Mayoral candidates have declared that they hate all that is godly and decent, and will seek to destroy it.  As the Lord Jesus Christ said, "He that is not with me is against me" (Matt. 12). We have really got to a very sad state of affairs when I would rather vote for the National Socialists of the BNP, than the Conservative party, which once held to Godly values (edit: no this does not mean I am voting for the BNP - just that I find them less sickening than the 'Conservative' party. A sad state of affairs indeed, and an indictment on the party's leadership)