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Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) thinks he might not be continuing his work now that Islamists have persuaded the West to make ‘Islamophobia’ an actual crime. He believes his time making public statements about Islam is almost finished. This is why I make my own public statement... at BTM we would not be surprised to be shut down, such is the fascism of both Islam and homosexuality.

Add to this the rise of rampant socialism (communism/Marxism), who also hate criticism, and we think Spencer is probably right.

I will only summarise:

Islam is fascist to its core. It is why many Muslim leaders joined forces with Hitler in North Africa and the Middle East. Its fascism is so blatant and yet so ignored in the West. 

Part of the fascism is hatred for Christians and Jews. Not just hatred, but murder and destruction of places of worship, homes, and jobs.

A recent news report shows that 3000 children of Pakistani origin are sent to training schools in Pakistan, which teach jihad and hatred for the West. This, plus the hatred already shown by Muslim adults in the West, is a dire warning to us all.

Muslims already parade arrogantly in our streets, ignoring law and showing their strength, and many towns now have Islamic no-go areas that police do not bother to dismantle. After all, it is
easier to bundle an elderly street preacher into a police car than to take care of Islamic thugs who refuse entry to ‘their’ areas!!

Since Germany brought millions of young male Muslims into Europe, the situation has become far worse, and Muslims have become far more aggressive and assertive. They already claim the UK, Europe and the West as their own, belonging to Allah. Only the blind and deaf will not understand what this means for us all – sharia law and total hatred and subduing of westerners... unless they become Muslims or pay heavy taxation to stay alive. The alternative in Islamic countries is only death.

Preachers in the UK are arrested routinely and the Home Secretary and London’s Mayor are both Muslims who will soon shut-down any preaching on the streets, even if they do not mention Islam!

Mere mention of Jesus Christ and salvation will be sufficient for the police to arrest people... the police and anti-terrorist departments already think of Christians as ‘terrorists’!!

Thus, just as John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus Christ the Messiah, for the salvation of souls, so the police (By ‘police’ is meant those who are higher managers. It is they who dictate policies in accordance with government demands. We generally have respect for officers ‘on the ground’ who must follow their senior’s demands.) and government are paving the way for the destruction of freedom, truth, and Christians.

They are now the Brown Shirts of power, actively searching out those who disobey Allah.

At BTM we recognise that the majority of Muslims in the West do not show signs of hatred or violence.

However, this proves nothing, as all western jihadists thus far have been proven to be ordinary, quiet, peaceful and friendly. There are fewer jihadists than there are ordinary Muslims.

BUT... we have the problem of taqiyya, the use of lies and deception to trick the West into thinking Islam is quiet and tolerant. In other words – how can we trust ANY Muslim if we never know they are telling the truth or lying? I WANT to believe those Muslims who appear to be nice, friendly and tolerant... but, taqiyya prevents this.

'Christians' who have sympathy for Islam and Muslims are an enemy of God

Christians presently give millions to Islamic countries by way of charities, who invariably use images of tiny children with big eyes to soften our attitude towards them. BUT, remember this – little children in Islamic countries grow up quickly into adults... and more and more Muslim adults, ordinary people, are used by imams to whip-up hatred, violence and murder of Christians, Jews and other Muslims they don’t like.

There is an even worse problem – I repeat - -please read what GOD thinks of Islam and Muslims!!

Read 2 Kings in particular. There we see God hates pagan, heathen worship, and its false gods. Islam is in that category. In Hebrew days, God demanded that these people be put to death or thrown out of Israel.

For us today this means never allowing Islam to take root in the West, and never allowing Muslims to be in positions of power, because they inevitably want sharia and the suppression at least of critics of Allah.

However, Christians and others MUST treat Muslims with respect as fellow human beings, even if we do not trust them. We may only not do so if they turn on us and become violent and abusive against the Lord. At the same time we may NOT respect their religion, which is offensive against God.

In the West even one Christian who has sympathy for Islam or Muslims is therefore an enemy of God.

This is because no Christian can support Muslims or Islam in any way, when they hate us and God! And if they support Islam or Muslims with sympathy or more, they increase dangers we face, which are already quite severe. What is happening globally in Islamic countries against Christians is enough proof of what is soon to be our fate, unless pro-Islam is reversed in the West. Some Christians, then, are as dangerous to us as Islamic jihadists, and help to smooth the path for them.

When someone says that we must respect another’s religion, I give this answer... God ordained ONE religion—the Jewish religion. From the beginning, it was filled with symbolism of the then-future Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. It ended when Jesus said; “It is finished” on the cross. God answered by rending the veil in the Temple from top to bottom, ending animal sacrifices. This is explained in detail in the New Testament book of Hebrews.

Christianity is a relationship with God on God’s terms. I wouldn’t call it a religion, but if someone wants to, I guess that’s OK. All other religions today are a relationship with a god or gods on terms other than God’s terms. There are dozens of religions today that call themselves “Christian” but are based on terms not supported by God’s Word, the Bible. The bumper sticker “Coexist” is an atheist bumper sticker. This foolishness of “coexist” would only be relevant if God were imaginary and subject to the believer’s whims. People who insist that Islam is relevant and should be protected, need to be aware that a faithful Muslim is commanded to kill Christians and Jews. Or maybe that is why liberals are so adamant about protecting it.

It is our view that not even the police understand the seriousness of the situation. On the other hand, maybe they do – given their existing and growing hatred for Christians in general. Other God-haters – homosexuals –already hate us and have demanded laws against us. Now, it is time for Islam to make THEIR laws, so we will become vassals of Allah. Wearing hijabs is just one way for women to hasten our destruction.

Christchurch Mosques Attack

Though we deplore and condemn the murder of Muslims in New Zealand, we must not forget that the one who committed those murders did so because he thought Islam was an invading force.

He was right in his summation, but wrong in the way he expressed it.

Islam is doubling-down on invading the West, because it can see victory in sight. It won’t be long now. The black flags will fly very soon. Already, every mosque opened or built in the West is the Islamic declaration that the town or city it is in belongs to Allah!

Muslims who hate us and openly shout their hatred should be deported. Jihadists must not be allowed back into the West after fighting for ISIS. All Muslims who lied to get into the West must be deported.

We say these things because, if anyone bothers to write true history in the future, it will show how the West lamely handed itself over to the invading pagans, who will take over the West and not work. They will survive on criminality and the tax paid by westerners who refuse Islam.

Everything I have said here is found in the history of Islam. It is not hatred, but is a statement of suspicion and a refusal to trust Muslims for sound reasons. If jihadists threaten or coerce ‘moderates’ in other countries, and have done so in the West, as their power increases, so will be the demands by jihadists for ‘moderates’ to join them until the West is subdued.

Christians! Pray that the Lord will open your eyes to these dangers. Pray that He will overturn the desires of Islam. Pray that any individual Muslims you speak to will be saved. Also, watch and beware, for there is every indication that your safe church will not be safe for long, unless it complies with Islamic demands.

And when that happens – remember, too late, the warnings we have given for the past 10-15 years!

We will probably say no more... those believers who are genuine will listen and take appropriate steps to be safe as people and holy as befits the Lord’s children. Those who are not genuine, or who allow Islamic tales to persuade them to show sympathy... these will be turncoats, ready to hand us in to the nearest jihad station when the West finally loses all sense and wisdom.

Satan is now having his day, but it is allowed by God for a short time. After that, Islam, Romanism, and all evils of Satan, will be suddenly stopped in their tracks, not long before Christ returns.

Until then, we call on all genuine believers to listen to what we have said and beware. Know your enemy, because he is amongst us.