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I am appalled by the ranting groups who now shout "The wicked witch is dead". They are whooping it up, uttering obscenities and untruths about Margaret Thatcher, even though she has been out of office for a long time!! The groups are made up of exactly the same miscreants she opposed while in office –extreme leftists, homosexuals, unionists and layabouts.

When Blair and other leftists finally die, Christians will not be whooping it up, nor will they gather in large crowds just to throw out obscenities! Nor will we do the same against Cameron or Clegg. This is because these politicians use their offices to push personal agendas, harming Christians everywhere and demanding and getting foul policies to foist on us... but when they die they will face someone far more immovable than the Iron Lady! They will be judged and sent to hell for their evils, and for rejecting the Lord of lords. No-one should whoop it up for that reason.

Those who now stand around in their pointless but vicious enclaves shouting against Thatcher do so because their hearts are filled with satanic rage and hatred. They, too, will meet the God they denounce and laugh at. They, along with the Camerons, Blairs and Cleggs of this world, will come to know how stupid they have been... but too late. They will be joined by crowds of unrepentant homosexuals and Muslims, and all who hate God and His people.

No matter what errors she made, Margaret Thatcher was a fine prime minister. This is probably why the BBC think it okay to broadcast the sinful views of the rampant crowds, whose lives are so rotten with sin and godlessness. They want anarchy; they want sexual immorality; they want us to be silenced.

Thatcher was respected the world over... except by those who also hated Reagan! The leftists and anarchists.

I pray that the Lord will soon shut up those who hate Him and us, and even perhaps give us politicians we currently do not deserve – good, sound and honest, doing honourable things. For now, we must repent as individuals, and pray that God will reduce the harm evil men wish upon us. We know their day will come, when they will see, too late, the result of their sinful existence.... but we may also pray that the Lord will protect those of us who repent and try to hide under His wings, while trusty, holy arrows of judgment rain upon our enemies in punishment for harming His people. Let it be so, Lord!