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Merkel warned that the UK cannot negotiate contracts with EU firms unless it accepts free movement.

That is, we must continue to fund EU nationals who are here without work, cannot get rid of Islamic terrorists, and must accept Islamic migrants.

This is a very clear statement of the EU’s fascism. Free movement has NOTHING to do with a commercial contract!! But it has EVERYTHING to do with the EU continuing to interfere with the UK
even after leaving. I would rather just turn my back on such contracts and seek them elsewhere. To give in to Merkel’s demand would be to effectively remain in the EU. We must NOT allow the EU to place strictures upon us after we leave.

Let EU companies do battle about this, because they will lose huge amounts of money... the EU exports more to the UK than we export to them!!

We are told that 73% of youngsters voted to remain. Well they would. They have been heavily influenced by Brussels, fascism and UK socialism, so are unaware of the real issues. All they
want is use of mobile ‘phones on the continent and quick travel. Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s about it!! If those youngsters really voted, then they did not have all the information.