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Head of the Met Police says police acted swiftly to the London Parsons Green tube bombing (Metro, 15 September 2017)

What absolute nonsense.

Yes, they acted quickly AFTER the event.

Those lower in the ranks do that because they are professional. But the boss knows the truth!

Police and parliament should have responded two decades ago.

We are now in a mess, with increasing terror attacks. WHY?

Because Muslims are being allowed in without documents and are not being checked... Because it is far too easy for Muslims to slip into the country, thanks to cuts in port and other entry points... because everyone is afraid to apply the nasty word ‘Islam’ to what are clearly Islamic actions... because weak leaders are too afraid of making the Islamists mad by doing what is right to protect us... because they do not believe the REAL Islamists who are deeply offended when some are called ‘moderate’ – they claim NO Muslim is moderate!

Until I see a lot of deportations and imprisonment of thousands of Muslims being surveilled, I will not believe either the government or the police heads are serious about protection.

There also needs to be a clamp-down on Muslim ‘courts’ and the shadow Muslim ‘government’, plus a non-voting status until Muslims toe the line.