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The photo of a three year old child in the arms of a Turkish soldier, on a beach of the Turkish resort of Bodrum, is indeed very sad. (Guardian, 2 Sept 2015)

It seems he was drowned when he and his parents and brother tried to cross to the Greek island of Kos in an effort to escape the murderous ISIS in Syria - the father survived. (Reuters, 2 September 2015) (Reuters, 3 September 2015)


Cameron is right – STOP allowing in an ever-increasing number of migrants... because of the immense damage they are doing to the economy. Instead, deal with the root – the violence in the Middle East. (BBC, 3 September 2015)

(I would repeat – send in special troops to obliterate ISIS, and then do the same with Hamas et al, before we are all immersed in wickedness we can't stop).

No, this is not an excuse to keep our riches! (Ask the British how many are rich!). It is stark reality. Most migrants are illegal and they want to have free-everything, from homes to cars to state benefits to health provision to education... you name it and they want it for free. And if using the photo of a dead child will get it, then so be it! For every one migrant who is allowed in without a job etc., the provision for UK residents who have paid their taxes for all their lives diminishes. Carry on like this and the UK will (as I have warned before) simply become one of the Third World countries, as will most of the EU countries. When that happens Europe will NOT be able to help those in need. GET A GRIP!

It still stands that migrants are pushing themselves onwards to enter the UK in particular, when we are already overrun with migrants, most of whom are not proved to be genuine and who are being given vast sums of benefits that rightly belong to the British. Even migrant holding centres cost us a fortune.


Note how news agencies now call these people 'refugees' and try to build up a great wall of sympathy and emotion for them! I have no doubt that a very few are real refugees escaping from murderous thugs like ISIS. But, let them prove it!

The rest are 'economic migrants'. Or, in common language – spongers. They come to drain us dry while those born here suffer privation. Having been forced to apply for various state benefits myself (after a full working life paying taxes), I had to endure many months, if not a year or two, of intense form-filling, humiliation, and giving all kinds of proof, before the state would even look at my requests. NOT SO WITH MIGRANTS!

Migrants get money and even move back to their own countries, STILL receiving benefits!

They bring their children here for just ONE DAY to register with doctors – and that one act will get them even more benefits, while the child returns to its own country.

Non-one checks. No-one investigates.

The stories of this kind of abuse are rife and real.

Stop calling all these people 'refugees'! Most are not. Most are illegals trying to make illegal bucks, and many are not too shy to use violence to get what they want.

Illegals are bullying their way through Europe, and even have the gall to riot if they are turned away! They do it because EU bosses have made a mess of policies and demand that every EU country takes 'refugees' (illegals). Yet, we do not want them. If they come with jobs assured, money to keep themselves, and have housing ready, then they can come. Australia is currently advertising places for migrants – IF they have these qualifications, and skills to match. But, the UK does nothing of the kind and illegals are here wreaking havoc. There is ALREADY social unrest. Showing photos of drowned children does not help, but masks the reality of what's happening. If migrants cannot be bothered to get here officially, then let them stay where they are, because the UK is already at breaking point.

So, for those critics who love to throw out epithets like 'unloving' and 'unchristian'...

(a) GENUINE refugees from REAL violence are welcome and should be helped.

(b) All other migrants must apply legally for entry. If they don't – kick them out. And if they have no jobs and own housing, don't let them in.

(c) Do not keep illegals in camps – send them back to their point of entry. Like France.  This will keep our costs down.

(d) Almost no migrants are refugees. Most try to get here illegally. And they already have money.

(e) Most migrants are Muslims. We must stop allowing in so many Muslims into the UK and EU, who will change our country forever, turning it into a Middle Eastern enclave, repressive, violent, God-hating, white-hating, Christian-hating, Jew-hating, democray-hating. Proof? Look at ISIS, Saudi Arabia, et al. It will not be long before we see white non-Muslims escaping to other countries, away from Islamic oppression - in France it is already happening with the Jews.

 (f) The sights of rioting migrants in Europe, such as in Budapest, and in Calais, is only the start of woes that will overwhelm Europe very soon. The EU is to blame. So are our leaders. So is everyone who thinks with their emotions, or who don't bother to think at all.

(g) Everyone is blaming the West for the current migrant idiocy! The migrants are mainly Muslims trying to escape their own Islamic countries because they are devoid of economic futures! This is the nature of Islam – stasis and financial ruin. And those escaping ISIS are, mainly – Muslims! Therefore, blame the right people – Islamic leaders and Islamic butchers who hate their own kind.

The media are right there whipping up a storm. Satan is using the media and governments to force us to accept those who wish to kill us – Islamicists.

We are now under judgment by God. Don't let it get worse!