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According to the Daily Express (6th May) the UK can expect to be inundated by many more migrants at Calais.

Idiots called ‘No Borders’ activists will be holding demonstrations at Calais tomorrow, no doubt with much Muslim support from the illegal camp outside the town. Between them they will wreak havoc. As usual, French workers at the port will only add to these problems (they love to disrupt UK travel). They seem to be perpetually malcontented.

Tory MP, Philip Hollobone, warned that if we don’t vote to leave the EU next month, we will lose our country... to the savage, depressing rule of sharia, and the reality of Middle Eastern Islamic culture drowning the UK in Islamic deadness, stopping progress and imposing a mentality that would crush all enterprise and freedom.

And if eastern European countries finally get membership of the EU, these will add to our destruction... and the UK Government has already paid out over £2 BILLION to Turkey, Bosnia, Albania and Serbia, to help them get membership! 

That’s £2 billion of OUR money, given without our consent, to rush us towards our own funerals.

He says that by allowing Turkish people visa-free travel, Britian will see a massive growth in its population as Turks (Muslims!) stay over. On top of that many companies are now advertising for Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian workers, because they can pay them very much less than British workers. So, we either vote to leave, or we open our doors to illegal migrants who will change our culture and souls into their own Islamic image. And cheaper eastern bloc people will give great profits to companies but destroy UK citizens’ chances to ever again find work.

Meanwhile, Calais is now called the ‘Wild West’ by truck drivers, who see hundreds of Muslims young men wielding scaffolding poles as weapons.

Remember – these violent men are illegals, yet France does nothing about them. It is NOT our problem, but we have to protect our own, so it costs us plenty... no doubt the French just smile because their job is being paid for by UK taxes.

Another big problem is that Britain (that is, UK MPs) have agreed to take in thousands more ‘unaccompanied children’ from EU camps. WE MUST NOT DO IT!! ARE these ‘children’ actually children (See previous articles)? ARE they actually unaccompanied – or are their parents simply pretending not to exist... and will have a quick entry into the UK once their kids are taken into our country? WHY don’t countries these children first reach send them back? WHY don’t WE send them back?

The migrant crisis is NOT our problem, but Germany’s! They created this mess, and now they are bullying the UK into taking a share. Once any children (??) are allowed in, they will then call for all their families to come in, under invented rules of ‘human rights’!!

Christians must understand that their emotional reactions to migrants are impeding and not helping. Not only is their emotional reaction bringing in illegal migrants who will cost us dearly in terms of payouts (which should instead go to our own citizens who have paid all their lives through taxes for such benefits), but the migrants are almost 100% Muslim.

The more Muslims there are the quicker will be our demise as a free and decent society. We will become a backwater of Sharia compliant drones, persecuted even more in our own country, by those who kill Christians in their own.

WE MUST LEAVE THE EU. And once we sign to leave we must stop all EU directives and migrants. Frankly, I would rather be penniless and destitute than stay under a fascist-Islamic fist.

Christians GET REAL!! If you say you love the Lord, DON’T be pressured, by the EU, or by big-eyed children on TV,
or by your own misplaced emotions!! No Christian can welcome huge numbers of pagan idolaters.