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First we had the bail-outs of banks. Now we have a bail-out for a whole country! And guess who will be expected to pay for it? That’s right – the tax-payers. (Timesonline, 10th Feb)

Greece is close to financial collapse, and Germany has suggested Europe should bail it out, saying there was “no alternative”. Oh yes there is – just get rid of the EU!! Every country who is a member of the EU pays the EU vast sums of money (taken from tax payers) as membership fees, yet we get very little back. (Note: Portugal is also in need of a bail-out, but refuses to have one… so far).

At a meeting tomorrow (Thursday 11th) Germany will suggest to other countries that they provide Greece with loan guarantees. Obviously, if Greece then goes down, the EU will lose its guarantee by paying the full loan. Or, rather, the member countries will have to pay… and that means WE, the tax payer will pay!

According to EU bosses, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is best suited to the task of giving loans, but Germany hates the idea, because the EU does not want an outside agency seen to be giving help to the Euro!

This case highlights the biggest problem with joining a single currency and rule – if one country goes down, it affects every other member. The obvious solution is to disband the EU and let each country deal with itself as it sees fit, keeping its income inside the country.

More British Politicians’ Greed

British politicians are so, so greedy! We already know what they do with expenses. Now, four UK MEPs are bringing legal action to protect their SECOND pensions! They already get an ordinary pension equal to that of Westminster MPs… and that alone is double anyone else’s pension (paid for by tax payers, who have to survive on less). But, of course, their greed shows. As MEPs they also get a second pension – why they do, I cannot tell.

With their ordinary pension it all amounts to £67,000 a year!! All an MEP needs to do is serve (?! Themselves) for 15 years. The rest of us must work until age 65 to get even a state pension that is about one tenth of that for doing actual work. The greedy MEPs are fighting to retain an additional lump-sum payment on retirement. And, to add insult to injury, UK tax-payers pay £2 for every £1 MEPs pay for their pension out of their luxury salaries. Yet, the same tax-payers cannot afford to live. To put it bluntly, politicians’ greed makes me heartily sick.

Believe Cameron?

( 10th Feb)

David Cameron said he would fight for a referendum about signing the Lisbon Treaty, but he reneged on it. Now, he says he would not allow Britain to join the Euro if he became Prime Minister. Do we believe him?

It is my view, watching all sides do verbal battle, that all three major parties in the UK are essentially the same, in policies, in promises, and in failures. All of them will take us further into Europe, into more sexual immorality, more homosexual laws, and worse economic crises. Brown is telling us we have come out of the recession, but this is a nonsense he spills out for people who know nothing. We are in such hock we are tottering on the edge of financial oblivion.  

© 10 February 2010

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