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I WILL NOT VOTE for ANY Party that harms, or intends to harm, Christians, and that hates God openly

Some think I am being silly not to vote.

Some are afraid NOT to vote. Sadly, they have an inflated idea of their influence over their MPs.

But, my reason still stands firm... I WILL NOT VOTE for ANY Party that harms, or intends to harm, Christians, and that hates God openly. I have every right to speak this way after being attacked time and again by homosexuals and their supporters, over many years.

The ugly way in which ALL parties follow the gay mantra is enough for me to remove myself from voting. Let homosexuals do what they do, so long as it isn't in public and is not used to ruin my life, or to groom children!

You might say that if I don't vote, I cannot get involved with trying to change policies.

Frankly, I no longer care!

I have voted for many years and at no time have MPs bothered to listen to voters in any real way... unless the MP stands to make a profit of some kind. In particular I was heavily involved in trying to discuss these matters with both Blair and Cameron BEFORE they were elected. Neither of them cared less.

I can see this, from the past and into the very near future:

  • ALL parties are against Christians.
  • ALL parties want to allow EVERY migrant into the UK, including Muslim terrorists.
  • Terroristic people remain here and will not be sent home.
  • ALL parties, particularly Labour, intend to tighten pro-gay laws, to the detriment of Christians.
  • NONE of them is listening to our complaints and very real concerns about persecution.
  • ALL approve the policies of their masters, Stonewall, yet reject what voters want.

Homosexuals have never been persecuted in the UK

As for homosexuals, they have never been persecuted in the UK even when what they did was illegal.

Their few arrests were for shameful and foul sexual acts in a public space. Their arrests were well-founded and were made because they were doing something criminal.

Now, homosexuals want to criminalise Christians to the final degree. For no good legal reason.

Our ONLY offence is to not accept homosexuality as being equal to what God created.

We do not harm them nor do we seek to do so. But, THEY want to harm US big time! And they will do it in a very fascist way if Labour is elected. Indeed, it will get worse anyway, with ALL parties.

The point is this – once homosexuality was decriminalised in the 1960s the flood-gates opened... or, rather, the sewage sluice gates. Sexual sin of many kinds began to arise generally.

Homosexuality is being treated like a porn-star

Now, homosexuality is being treated like a porn-star, with all manner of rights and privileges.

THIS IS INTOLERABLE and it is killing society.

It is one thing to decriminalise homosexuality (and its myriad of sub-sexualities, from bestiality to paedophilia to necrophilia... but it is quite another to advance the homosexual agenda by law, and to promote it in schools. One does not logically lead to the other, except for gay and immoral MPs who care nothing for our national good and status. What they have done, and intend doing, is outside the realm of actual need. Homosexuals always did what they do, with or without the law! Adding new laws, like piling up rotting fish, has no moral or actual need behind it.

If I vote, my MP (who is, by the way, a Labourite who rejects all our complaints) will not listen.

ALL Parties are aggressively pro-gay and anti-Christian!

My complaints will just be binned. And ALL MPs will just follow the Party line, no matter what Party they belong to. And ALL Parties are aggressively pro-gay and anti-Christian!

Thus, if I DO NOT vote – so what! Our MPs don't listen anyway, so it makes no difference.

For these reasons, and for the first time in my life, I do not bother to listen to, or watch, debates by MPs and prospective MPs. Because I no longer care. And I don't care, because whether I vote or not, no-one is going to listen to my complaints and my very real belief that MPs are out to harm me. I was harmed yet again in 2005. I contacted an MP who was once a boyhood friend... he declined to help. Only later did I understand why – those who set out to do me harm were like him – homosexuals.

So, you see, there is no reason for me to vote.

Whatever I do, as a Christian, I will be attacked by MPs, because they are married to Stonewall via their Parties. Therefore, I cannot, and will not, condone what they say and do, by voting for ANY of them, including UKIP. To do so would be a mockery of my life and beliefs.

So, friends, vote away. Enjoy the fantasy, that your MP will actually listen to you!

And then become dismayed when they continue to harm your Christian life and bring in even more ways to destroy Christian existence and belief.

I will say it in advance – I TOLD YOU SO!

Ignore what I say as you wish. My decision is my own, and I believe I am right.