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Please, No!

Just heard the news for the first time today and it seems Clinton “offered her services” to Donald Trump.

I pray he ignores her completely – she is poison. If she is used in any office she will continue in her corruption. We can be sure she will still
try to influence the world with her evils. Really, I hope the FBI will not only disgrace her, but make jail time possible. Otherwise, where is justice!

Christians should understand that good never mixes with bad.

Trump is promising a better future. So did Obama – but he brought in destruction and Marxism. Clinton is of the same mould and must
now get out of the world’s hair. She and her cohorts will already be planning a socialism comeback when Trump finishes his presidency.

Now is the time for Trump to be a real leader, strong, without compromise. It is what God demands of all leaders, whether they are Christians or not.

So if he has to build a wall, so be it. If he has to send troops against ISIS, so be it. If he has to deport millions of Mexicans, so be it. If he has to fight Islam in the USA so be it.

He must act fast because Clinton and her kind are right behind him ready to bring him down... and with him the USA and the world.

I keep saying it – GET REAL!! This is where demons fight for control.