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It’s not over by a long shot!

Cameron is already suggesting he goes for a second referendum.

But, in the background finance experts say things are improving already.

We can now choose to trade with the whole world and not be stopped by the EU.

As for the next PM... remember that Theresa May wanted to remain inside the EU – to allow her to be Prime Minister (PM) would be a big mistake. PMs and MPs must now work with ‘Leave’ and show it, and not try to sabotage our way forward. In the meantime many are raving mad about our votes! Don’t let their chagrin change your mind. And don’t lose this great opportunity to show everyone what real Christians can do for the nation. Sadly, one Christian PM candidate has already caved-in to homosexual activists because he was afraid of losing his MP-ship. Now he has contradicted his anti-same-sex marriage beliefs to appease what are, in reality, just wicked poofs. That is exactly what they are.