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I have been asked about Obama's fraudulent re-election. Some think I will be too angry to speak. Not so!

I hate the man's policies and godless agenda, not the man. The man I feel sorry for, because he is bound for hell.

As I said before the election, if Obama got back in there is very little more to say... we provided continuous information from before he was a candidate! We covered almost all of his antics and criminality.

I feel compassion for those genuine believers in the USA, who must now be shell-shocked by the news. On the other hand, Romney would not have been much better! Both candidates are godless.

I see this episode as a warning to real Christians to stand firm and to repent, to obey God and show the world what true Christians are.

I say this about our own political scene, too. Sadly, men who do vile things are - vile; if they do wicked things – they are wicked.

I see no problem in 'telling it as it is'. It is what the Lord does! Even so, when a vile or wicked man triumphs I hate what he does, but do not hate the man himself. The words that describe his actions and speech in no way relate to my own spiritual sense or attitude. And, as I have also said before, if such a wicked man approached me for help, I would give it. Do not confuse strong words with my personal attitude or spiritual state! I am capable of making an argument without being personally angry... most of the time.

Both the UK and the USA are now under God's judgment. This much is obvious. The hatred shown by both Cameron and Obama for God are to be expected when God has taken a step back, allowing evil to grow. He is doing it because we ourselves, as His people, have already done so! While I continue to oppose the EU, for example, I know that the EU is sent as a taskmaster because of our infidelity. Therefore, we must repent and obey the Lord, making very sure that we display the signs of true believers.

In the USA the people are in dire straits, but those who voted for Obama have no real idea what is happening. It seems that I, living on the other side of the duck-pond, know far more about Obama and his Marxist-Fascist aims than the people of the USA. Obama has deliberately fostered a secrecy that blots out information. The first step towards a full socialist state. And that is where both the USA and the UK are going as the media officially supports government activity without question.

Only today it was reported (Daily Express) that the EU has lost a staggering £89 BILLION just last year alone through EU fraud and stupidity!!

Now they are demanding even more from the UK. And if we don't pay up, the EU bosses tell us we can get out of the EU. I would be thankful if we did get out! But, that is not the point – what this attitude from the EU shows is that it is indeed Fascist, and blackmailing.

The world is heading for a total shut-down of free speech and freedom of action. And it will make the world a more dangerous place to live, as the USA funds jihadists against Israel and vows to uphold Shariah law in the USA. Obama is only a dupe, a puppet on the strings of socialist rich men who want communism to win, this being in their favour. Though Obama is not as clever as people make him out to be, he is nevertheless a very dangerous man. Will this lead to social uprising? Probably, in some places. But, Obama will appeal to his adoring fans and impose martial law. No problem for a dictator.

I have very little more to say about Obama's fake win. He has been using fraud for four years, and will use it even more now that the people have voted for an image of change, rather than a change that helps the country. The change will mean hardship for millions, and immense danger around the world as the USA acts out the part of Islam-lover and God-hater. I would not be surprised by anything that happens from this point onward. I can only warn Christians to be alert, to repent, and to be faithful to the Lord. And remember – Christ is the stronger man who deposes a strong man from his fortress!