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Once again, Jesus has been brought out as a spectacle, so that people with vested interests can use His Name to justify their actions! This time it is the 'Occupy' movement that has resided on the grounds of St Paul's cathedral.

The protesters (most of whom are unbelievers!) claim Jesus would be on their side, fighting against capitalism!! Canon Giles Fraser of St Paul's even resigned because his bosses want to get the protesters evicted. Notably, he is Marxist in mind. Clearly these are people who are totally ignorant of scripture! Jesus would not be involved in their anti-capitalism. It is a communist movement, with foolish 'Christians' tagging along. They are probably the same 'Christians' who once tagged along with environmentalists against global warming!

Jesus would not attach Himself to a human movement, nor would He become an icon for this or that 'cause'. This is because Jesus taught eternal principles, not how banks should operate, or what political system is best.

So, please Leave Jesus out of it. Free trade is the best way to stay alive. Socialists hate it because they cannot manipulate it to their own ends. They just want to redistribute wealth. It is what the foul EU is doing right now, with our money! It is why Obama loves the 'Occupy' movement - it helps him to more rapidly bring about a Marxist state.

Socialists want to rule everything. They want to imbue us all with sexual immorality and no future, so that they can be little czars with huge power. They want those little sailor-boy peaked caps everyone in the Russian revolution wore, and the power to shoot everyone they did not like! It is the same way that Cameron and the EU are attacking Christians.

Jesus had His mind on the Father's will, and the Father has no interest in living in a tent on the steps of a cathedral.

© 28th October 2011

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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