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Dear Sir Michael

Re: Ofsted’s proposals to enforce registration of Sunday Schools and other Christian Children and Youth Organisations

The Prevent Strategy is being used by the government and Ofsted to enforce politically correct moral values and nouveau ‘British Values’, which are whatever the government defines them to be.

You really think we can’t read in-between the lines of your interview comments made in the LBC Interview on 14 January 2016, that you are using the crisis issue of Muslim out of school classes (that teach Islamic doctrines of hate of the infidel, rape, murder and Jihad in all its variants as policies endorsed by Allah and Mohammed) to enforce state control on the Biblical doctrines taught by Christian teachers?

Firstly, why do you need to have an “even-handed way... (for) church groups or religious groups (who) want to run out-of-school classes... they need to register so that the country and the Department of Education know they exist and that they’re being run properly.”

Are Christian out-of-school classes the cause of Islamic terrorist attacks and acts of violence against innocent people across the world, and the threat of death and rape if you don’t convert to Islam?

It’s farcical, if it wasn’t so sinister, that you think you need to be fair and impartial in treatment and judgement in Ofsted’s policies to apply a catchall approach to equate Muslim Madrassas with Christian Sunday schools.
What exactly do you mean when applied to Christian youth teaching and Sunday Schools?

That they are:

  •  “... being run properly.”
  •  “... putting children at risk.”
  •  “...fit and proper people to run these places.”
  •  “...very serious issues.”

Ofsted has already shutdown Christian Schools (e.g. Durham Free School, Grindon Hall Christian School http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11580415/Ofsted-accused-of-whitewashing-inquiry-into-Christian-schools-British-values-complaints.html  ) which have not been compliant with Ofsted’s politically correct values and this is exactly what you plan to do to Sunday schools and similar youth settings.

Your department wants to impose the same control on religious organisations as were imposed in Communist Russia and China to persecute Christians.

This is not Christian paranoia. The government has used recent legislation to:

  •  shut down or prosecute Christian businesses,
  •  falsely arrest and prosecute Christian preachers in and out of the Church,
  • destroy the concept of marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman,
  • promote fornication, homosexuality, transsexuality and abortion as ‘good’ lifestyle choices that should be taught in schools at all levels and now they want to silence the teaching of Biblical truth to children, out of school, through Ofsted.

You say you promote education quality and standards, but Ofsted is an instrument of propaganda and enforcement of delusional political correctness. You, your department and the government have abandoned critical thinking and the truth and enforce ‘politically correct’ values dictated by Stonewall, sponsored by ‘gay’ MPs and Lords, and promoted by the sycophantic media.

If you believe in democracy and the rule of law, come clean and say it in plain words that even school children will understand, that you hate Christian Biblical Values and you will do everything in your power to position Christian Sunday school teachers and others who oppose politically correct values as “ideological terrorists” and that the UK government police state will expose these ‘harmful’ Christian people who teach the truth.

You and your department are morally corrupt and a disgrace. You should resign immediately.

If I am wrong, convince me.

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Waddell
'Christian Doctrine'
Bible Theology Ministries

The response from the Private Secretary to Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Ofsted dated 15 February 2016 can be read here. It gives some reassurance, but does not answer why Sir Michael Wilshaw made the comments about Sunday Schools in the first place.