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"The politics of tomorrow will be mainly fascist coupled to Marxism – a fusion of all that is ungodly."

I do not think for one minute that my warnings about the coming political scene are heeded. No doubt some even smile and think I have lost my senses. Even so, I speak out as a record of the warnings, to remind people that they were warned.

I have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of fascism and its various forms, from Nazi Germany to now. I have a similar knowledge of communism.

That is why I warn that the politics of tomorrow will be mainly fascist coupled to Marxism – a fusion of all that is ungodly. All the signs are there.

This afternoon, between other duties, I watched an old war film about a Nazi take-over of a Norwegian village, the way one man escaped to inform the British of what was happening at a German airfield, and a successful raid by commandos. The main point of interest for me was how the German occupiers started their reign and pushed it to the extreme.

It was the same in Jersey, and in many countries overtaken by the Nazis.

And it is happening today where ISIS etc., are in force.

In the UK today we are only just short of violence from the 'occupying forces' – the government, Stonewall and Islam. Our government is akin to the French collaborator government in the south of France, the Vichy. It collaborates with, and promotes, everything homosexual and everything EU, including giving a safe-house to Islamic extremists.

All the signs of coming fascist rule are there, starting with the EU. Laws are already in force against Christians, and will become even worse. Christians began to be laughed at some years ago, then came stricter attacks. We are scapegoated by homosexuals and even government for a variety of ills, because we wish morality to rule, not sexual permissiveness. We are labelled as bigots and haters. Supposed brethren work against true believers, and TV and radio are swiftly becoming havens of sexual and repugnant ways of life. Laws are increasingly repressive. In many ways, Islam follows the homosexual path in its fascist strategies.

Friends, if you know anything at all about fascism you will recognise all the above as consistent with Nazi Germany. At the moment we are fast losing freedoms and normal rights, as politics becomes illogical and without any morality whatever. And Christians are blamed for many ills. The only step we need to complete the full condition of fascism is violence... and that may soon come our way as out of control homosexuals and Islamists see their opportunity, given to them on a plate by government. A flight of fancy?

Tell that to the Jews who saw the Nazi regime arise, very fast! Taunts and accusations quickly turned to fights and violence. Then came camps and death squads. We are already in the intermediate phase.

All the signs are there, friends. We are being pushed into a fascist sink-hole.

It is but a very short step to being someone to kick and beat, spit at and even kill. The only question right now is – how far are we from the final solution in the minds of Stonewall and Islam? Will it be 'When?' and not 'If?'

It is a very serious query, made without alarmism or stupidity. If you rely on UKIP or some distant change by the main Parties, then you will not see the final step until it smacks you in the face. Your vote will lock-in what the Parties want to do with us. I refuse to vote for what is demonic.

The film I spoke of was made in the 1940s. Remarkably, a narrator quoted from scripture when he referred to the Nazis, whom he equated with Ephesians 6:12. The film maker evidently saw the Nazis as its real outcome.

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

 I honestly see the coming darkness in the same way. God help us all, because voting for any Party in this era will seal our fate in human terms. Think twice.

After this election we may never have rights at all.

Now you may laugh, or smirk, or smile, or just forget. It's up to you.

But, no matter what reaction you have to my words, I have said them for the sake of posterity. Let them stand firm in the face of ridicule and rejection.