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Much has been written by others about certain pastors having no sympathy for the fifty homosexuals who died.

Let’s get it straight (excuse the pun)... It is very clear in scripture that God condemns homosexuals outright. He says what they do is an abomination and they will enter hell as a final judgment. He has already warned and punished them for their wickedness, by sending HIV/AIDS to end their lives. And again, lately, yet another disease... but they ignore the warnings.

For myself I am personally repulsed by homosexuality and its open rebellion against morality and God.

So, was that Muslim terrorist an agent of God, much as Nebuchadnezzar was an agent used to destroy Judah for their sins?

It is very possible. Am I saddened by their demise? Only in the sense that they refused God’s morality and commands, and spent their lives in a filthy lifestyle that mocked and hated God, Who they will soon meet face to face in His wrath.

God demands that we reject homosexual sins and condemn and warn them. I do not sympathise with what happened, because their lives were wicked. They will find this out when they reach judgment day and are sent to hell. My only concern is that the law should have condemned them, because no man has the right to kill others for personal reasons. My main concern with the incident is not that fifty homosexuals died, but that the killer exemplifies Islam and its desire to kill anyonewho will not submit to their false god.

In the Old Testament homosexuals were to be put to death or run out of Israel and Judah. Today, the law prevents us from casting them out, and so Christians are subdued by illicit and wicked laws that support such evils. The New Testament appears to say that they will receive their punishment from God Himself on judgment day, and not from us. However, we
must continue to call this sin what it is and never accept it, or those who practice it. Rather, we must shun them.

I also know this – that when and if Islam gains control, homosexuals will again be forced to hide away, as they should. For this reason all homosexuals should be afraid of what is to come, instead of exulting in their wickedness and getting worse. Thus, society will gain by their disappearance from society, but lose by being overrun by Islam. One evil replaced by another!

As believers we must repent of our sins and return to Almighty God, or be under the satanic rule of Islam.