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"Protesters from the mounting right-wing group the Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West marched through the streets of several German cities in the latest round of demonstrations against what they say is the growing influence of Islam on the country.

But campaigners in Cologne, Berlin and Dresden were met with darkness as opponents staged a silent coordinated campaign to switch off the power at a number of buildings.

In Cologne, where the PEGIDA campaigners were heavily outnumbered, the square around Cologne Cathedral - one of Germany's most famous landmarks - was plunged into darkness." (Daily Mail, 6 January 2015)

Governments should be on notice with this new movement!

It is the Islamic hardliners who are fascist, not the protestors!

 "The crowd also chanted 'we are the people' and 'lying press' as they passed television cameras and waved Germany's black, red and gold flag. They also brandished posters bearing slogans such as 'Against religious fanaticism and every kind of radicalism'."  (Daily Mail, 6 January 2015)

 What they ARE against is the Islamization of Europe, because they can see what this leads to everywhere else! It is NOT fascist to demand a stop to Islamic immigrants, but it is self-preservation and a rejection of the foul Islamic values that cause misery and downgrading of society.

The attitude of Merkel and other leaders to Islam leaves us speechless...

Islam is taking over in the West and must be stopped, or countries will find social mayhem on their hands, with bloodshed and anti-Islamists forming vigilante groups. Enoch Powell warned of this many years ago...

it seems his prediction is now starting to come true.

WHY are leaders in the West being so supportive of Islam? The answer is simple, and is found throughout socialist Europe via the EU; it is the same reason UK governments welcome Islam, even if it is violent.

That is, by bringing in people of a totally opposite religion leaders can manipulate society into becoming non-Christian. This has always been the goal of socialism everywhere! It has been a mainstay of the Labour party from the start. Yet, Christians have the gall to vote for these haters of God and His people!! Watch out for this German idea spreading to the UK. By not listening to the voters (as usual) our leaders are working towards anarchy and violence... though this, too, is another socialist trait. Note how all parties now merge and cannot be distinguished – all are socialist now.