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A big row about Donald Trump’s 2005 comments on women – about groping them (Washington Post, 8 October 2016)

Suddenly, many politicians are withdrawing their support!!

Surely, this is a sick joke? Especially as he has already apologised.

There is no way we can condone such remarks, but these people are condemning what they are like themselves!! Are they REALLY suggesting Clinton is a better option? Clinton the cheat, liar, deceiver, thief, money launderer, killer of Americans and lover of Islamists?

Those against Trump will use every trick in the book to stop his rise to POTUS.

And in so doing they prove themselves to be yellow-spined hypocrites.

Let them first remove the pine-tree forest from their own eyes before pretending to be shocked by something said years ago by Trump. Then they can take a hard look at Clinton, the woman who, if elected, would finalise Obama’s desire to destroy the USA.