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I have been watching all this for a long time, and must say that I believe there is more to the migrant crisis than meets the eye. Big bucks cross hands from the Middle East! But also bear in mind that socialists are behind this latest idiocy. As I have said several times before, the EU is socialist (of the fascist variety) and our ow n Labour party is of the Marxist variety. The UN itself is, and always has been, Marxist to the core. (Note that Islam is Marxist in ideology) And it is all their aims to mix up races and people so as to destroy all claims to a national identity, especially if it is Christian.

This is one reason why socialists have pushed homosexuality down our throats – to ruin any Christian ideas and heritage. To do this we have not only sexual perversion, but also religious perversion. Both openly say they wish to eradicate Christianity and Christians.

I have heard that many believers do not read about all this, so they are not aware of the intricacy of what's happening. It is just such laxity that causes our decline and failure! Early on in these situations I spoke of the wish to turn the West into a new Middle East, radical and Muslim.

Obama leads the way, but now so do our governments in the EU.

When that happens the people will be communist-Islam fodder, ready to be groomed for One World government. It is happening. It is here.

It is essential in these last days to remove Christians and silence their opposition.

Hence prison sentences, court judgments, and laws illegally made by judges.

The people who do this are not stupid – they are led by the nose by Satan.

There is no other way to explain such anti-intellectual decisions. Outwardly yes, they are 'stupid' in their effect on the people, but there is much thought and anti-intellectual thinking to change the world.

We now see the new UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is chosen for his radicalism.

He says he is going to bring about 'change'! Remember when Obama made that very same promise? He has now ruined the USA for the sake of socialism.

His party is sympathetic towards the recent migrants, and they call for ALL of them to come here, calling them 'refugees'.

We are almost at the point of no return, when the gloves will come off, and governments, and maybe even individuals, will not even resort to law, but will simply kick us into a corner and ignore all pleas. Obama has already written his own executive orders, replacing actual law, or riding rough-shod over it, making the USA a state run by a totalitarian despot. This is now happening in Europe.

What I am trying to show everyone is that we are now in Satan's time, and he is moving all manner of perverted science, politics, medicine, religions, morals, etc., so that they all reject God's commands and harm God's people.

As I keep warning – there is much more to come.