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Many times before he was elected I contacted David Cameron. As a voter I urgently and reasonably needed to know what he was going to do about homosexuality.

There was talk of him bowing to the homosexual lobby and I wanted to know the truth. I asked him outright repeatedly – "Are you, or have you been, an homosexual?"

He never answered... which really gave me the answer. More significantly, neither did his spin-doctor or aides answer. The answer would have told me what to expect from a man I considered to be arrogant and an enemy of God's word and His people.

No man can be so gung-ho about pushing through pro-gay laws without a vote from the people... unless he has a very good, and probably secret, reasons to do so.

I also told Cameron that I would no longer vote Conservative if his connection to homosexuality was either past or present, because pro-gay laws would severely damage Christians. Whether past or present, such a link to perversion would explain the rapid and crushing laws he brought about. Blair was bad enough, but as a Labour (communist) man we could expect him to throw us to the lions. I even said to him that the only reason he would not make everything clear was his fear of being 'outed'. No answer – but I fear my surmise is true!

Since that time I have always been suspicious of the man. He has sold Christians (and all who find homosexuality repugnant and unworthy) down the river, patting himself on the back. Now, a new book contains the very facts I thought were behind his behaviour.

The book, 'Call Me Dave', is by someone who was very close to him for years, the man who kept the Tory party afloat with millions in donations, Lord Ashcroft. Already, journalists are starting to call him names, but the facts he talks about are the issue, not whether or not he has published his book because of sour grapes.

He says that Cameron (like so many MPs), was a spoilt rich-kid, & smoked dope in university.

He had cocaine in parties held by himself and his wife. He belonged to a "debauched Oxford society" that had bizarre rituals (such as his putting his penis into a dead pig's mouth), and "sexual excess" – common stuff in homosexual circles I may add. It is also claimed that even Cameron's own spin-doctor thought he was a xxxxxxx. There's a lot more, but read the serialised book in the Daily Mail.

One journalist says that many students did stupid things at university, but have since 'grown up'. Well, I didn't do these things. Nor did I have the money to do so! Even if I had the money I would not have acted as he did. The point is this – I did not do stupid things, nor did most of my fellow students, because we were too busy trying to earn our degrees.

But, the biggest reason was that I am a Christian.

And that is the crux of the matter...

Cameron, like many MPs, did whatever he liked because of his money and because of his degenerate mind. He has never apologised for his former behaviour, so why should we believe it has now disappeared? If he had been saved, we could view him differently.

But, he is the same person who did all those awful things, and that is why he cannot be trusted, and why he rammed-through pro-gay laws and said he was proud of doing so, even though he has badly damaged Christians, continuously so. He has done it, and promises to do even more, because of his dark heart, a heart that led him to do some very nasty things as a student and later as a budding MP, and which remains dark, making Christians the target of any pervert and Islamic terrorist on the planet. He has tried to dampen-down EU pro-Islamic ideas lately, and that is good – but in the face of rampant Islamic take-over of Europe, he has done nothing at all.

The book contains a lot more that might explode in Cameron's face. Unless a man is saved by grace and repents, his heart will remain as dark as it ever was. And when that man is a Prime Minister, such deeds can be dangerous and nasty in the extreme.

I don't trust MPs and have never trusted Cameron. Now I know why – my early suspicions were spot-on! Ask yourself why a PM should literally ram through a law that he knew would cause immense harm to Christians, unless his past (or present) contained the reasons why?

Let us now wait to see if Cameron will issue some kind of legal blinder, or if he will remain silent. Ashcroft is not stupid and would not publish such material if it were all lies. He knows that lawyers would be all over him! Indeed, they may still 'get' him with resort to the law on libel ( which states that it does not matter if an accusation is true or not. What matters is whether or not others think less of the person because of new revelations contained in the accusations). It would be wonderful for Cameron to get his comeuppance. Maybe someone can do the same for Blair and all those gay MPs who are determined to make the UK a modern Sodom.