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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor-at-large of www.infowars.com and puts out a strongly worded message in this video ‘Nice Terror Attack: What They're NOT Telling You’ of how the political elite and Main Stream Media (MSM) refuse to expose and confront Islam as the root cause of the terror attacks and barbarism spreading across Europe.

Theresa May's approach "Don't talk about Islam!" is a diversion. She labels everyone as a potential extremist in her Prevent Strategy, rather than focus the lens of analysis on Islam. For an Oxford graduate who is reported by her parliamentary colleagues to make decisions based on facts, her thinking and actions are dangerously warped by political correctness.

Say it as it is Mrs May, "Islam is the problem. Islam is our enemy and at war with the West and the UK. We will remove the toxic ideology of Islam and its Muslim followers from the UK. Islam and Sharia law has no place in a civilised society."