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Why the Difference?

It is a fact that the EU, including UK leaders, are systematically destroying all semblance of Christianity.

The EU and UK have removed all and anything that appears to have a godly foundation. But, at the same time you (the politicians)  legislate on behalf of homosexuals, whose lives are notoriously unstable, anti-social and extremely unhealthy, killing millions (their part in this is statistically proved). Laws passed have been designed and framed so as to punish Christians, though Christian lives are not riddled with sexual diseases and do not spread perversion, or violence, or social division, or strut sordidly in public.

Now, the same is happening with Islamic migrants, especially now, when over a few million are promised to arrive in the EU over the next few months. Almost none of them are refugees, yet you keep calling them by that name. You insist that we must accept them all! Yet, as we can plainly see thus far, almost all of these migrants are coming to take our taxes in the form of benefits, housing, health treatments, and many other unearned and undeserved free incomes. They have come to birth a caliphate! And this is kept hidden from your own citizens.

The huge majority of these migrants are young, fit men, with plenty of money. They are foul-mouthed, violent, hateful towards their host countries, and demanding of everything they can get free. If they don't get it all they riot, burn houses down, attack locals and wreak havoc. They fly black flags, despise local people and their governments, rape, pillage and destroy. Along the thousands of miles they travel they leave behind filth, rubbish, human faeces and urine, and evidence of trashing. Some locals cooked meals, only to have them turned upside down on the floor, the recipients calling it 'trash'. They have been given free Red Cross water, but threw it on the ground, cursing those who help them. Everywhere they go, they create mayhem and demand whatever they want; the police are warned not to arrest them; the locals are too afraid to leave their homes... and yet governments dare to tell these frightened locals that if they don't like having migrants they can leave the country!!! Like homosexual activists, these migrants are fascist and repugnant. 

Look at this: Migrants

They vow to replace us very soon, with Sharia and Islamic backwardness.

They vow to kill, maim and burn out, Christians and Jews.

They rape local girls (and boys), and roam towns intimidating and harming locals.

They steal and act like third-rate hoodlums, destroying buildings that house them, demanding better.

When they don't immediately get state benefits they riot and force police to stand down.

They treat their women like chattels, rape them at will, and violently repress and kill them.

They demand sharia and refuse to obey national laws.

They tell us to our faces that they will cause us to leave or obey... or die.

They treat their children like minor terrorists, and teach them to kill and lie.

They create tear-jerking photos so as to make Europeans believe their tall stories.

In Palestine they even pretend to die in hails of bullets supposedly from Israelis... and them miraculously get up and run off when the photos have been taken and sent to the media!

Jerusalem in particular is daily under violence from Arabs with knives, ramming-cars and even scissors, all defiantly killing Israelis, commanded either by ISIS or Hamas.

They tell the West they will take over very soon just by having more babies, who will automatically replace Westerners as the inhabitants of the West. Then, they warn that we must either convert, pay tax for not being Islamic, or be beheaded or shot. Then, after all this, they will die anyway! Paris is only the start.


"What virtue is in all this? Why don't you get rid of all Islamic migrants? Why do you tell your own people to leave the country, when they express very real fears? Why are you allowing Muslims the vote, when you KNOW what they are going to do? Why don't police arrest those responsible for rape, violence, arson, theft, etc? Why do you continue in your multiculturalism, when all it really means is the Islamisation of the West and the death of many thousands? Why accept Islam when it means economic death, repression, suppression, and growing violence and social divisions, coupled to a regression of progress?"

Now compare... Christians

(By 'Christian' I mean authentic, genuine believers as defined by scripture).

Christian faith is one of real peace (unlike the peace-by-death of Islam) and harmony.

Unlike Islam, Christian faith calls for obedience to godly leadership.

Christians do not riot, kill, rape, steal, burn buildings down, or scream abuse.

Christians do not violently intimidate non-Christians.

Christians believe that migrants should earn their keep and not just come to take benefits paid for by hard-working citizens. (Whereas Muslims think they are sanctioned to take benefits and not work, because the Koran says so, as a way to defeat countries).

Christians believe that as far as they are able they MUST work to keep themselves.

Christians call for morality and an ethical government and businesses, all of which builds and does not ruin a country.

Christians are not riddled by diseases contracted through illicit sexuality.

There is much more to say.


"How do you justify your attitude towards Christians, who do nothing wrong, and yet you legislate for, and give everything to, Islamic migrants, whose very presence is one of threat, violence, death, rape and multitudinous crimes and social upheaval?"

CAN YOU GIVE GOOD ANSWERS? We do not think you can.

In the meanwhile Europe is straining under Islamic invasion, even though Muslims warn about their intentions. People who dare to oppose this Islamisation are being threatened by their own governments and police. ISIS is already in Europe. It has already committed murders. Its new migrants openly defy laws and threaten our lives. GIVE GOOD ANSWERS, NOT EXCUSES!

We DO NOT WANT these migrants. There are very few genuine refugees and they should be helped, but only when they have been PROVED to be genuine.

Those who destroy their identity papers have already proved they are illegal – send them away!

Europe is facing social unrest like at no other time. There is already social disorder and it is highly possible that Europe will descend into civil war VERY soon, unless you do what is right and remove all the Islamic migrants. Compare the notes above and you will see no real comparison. (There is no scripture to stop believers from fighting murderous enemies, who are commanded by God to be put to death.)

Islam and Christianity are like chalk and cheese – they are opposites. Islam deserves no support. (See also article by David Murray , 'Will politicians finally admit that the Paris attacks had something to do with Islam?; republished The Spectator, 14 November 2015. Note the censorship insisted on by the Muslim in the BBC interview.)

Talk as much as you like – we are now in dire days because of your stupidity.