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Below is a letter sent to the Director of Learning and Development Vale of Glamorgan, objecting to the use of Barry Primary School children for the implied political endorsement of the ‘Yes’ campaign. This smacks of Obama style tactics and the indoctrination of the young used by historical and current fascist and communist regimes. Kevin Mahoney (who is not religious) questions in his letter the legality in this country of such brazen manipulation of little children. (Look in the background of the picture BBC, 4 January 2011)

This is the kind of activity that Christians need to take and to challenge and question the political elite. We have already seen Stonewall given free access to primary school children who have been told to accept homosexuality as normal and reject Christian teaching and common sense morality. The old adage, “give them an inch and they will take a mile” is a case in point here.

Bryan Jeffreys BA (Econ) MIPD
Director of Learning and Development
Vale of Glamorgan
Civic Offices
Holton Road
CF63 4RU.

4th January 2011

Dear Mr Jeffries

I am writing to voice my concerns over the recent use/exploitation of a number of young pupils of Barry Island Primary school during the recent announcement of WRU executive Roger Lewis as the chairman of yet another Welsh Assembly Referendum ‘Yes vote’ organisation at the HUB YMCA building in Barry.

I am sure that you will be aware that the young schoolchildren mentioned were used as a prop at Mr Lewis’s televised announcement which showed a number of them sat at computers with all screens displaying a large YES.

As Education Chief Officer of the Vale I wonder if you may be able to answer the following questions that I have following the outrageous political use of young pupils from Barry Island Primary school?

  1. Why were schoolchildren allowed to be used in a political publicity stunt?

  1. Was the Head teacher of Barry Island Primary school Janet Hayward aware of the use of her pupils in this manner? And if so how and why did she allow the cynical manipulation of her charges in this way? I note that Janet has today been revealed as one of the faces of the Yes campaign. Surely this lady has not allowed her pupils to be used to further her own political activities? If she has can we expect an immediate suspension?

  1. I note that Lee Waters of charity Sustrans Cymru whose organisation also operates out of the HUB and has declared himself as another leading light of the Yes Campaign is a Governor of Barry Island Primary School. Could you confirm his role if any in the cynical manipulation of the pupils in this stunt?

  1. Could you confirm whether the parents of the children involved in the publicity stunt had been asked for their consent for their children to be used in this manner?

  1. Could you confirm whether this political activity took place during normal school hours and if so how the children were allowed to be used in this manner when they should have been undertaking normal educational activities?

  1. Could you please ascertain if the children used had been ferried to the HUB from Barry Island Primary school specifically for this political event at the time of the announcement?

  1. Could you please confirm whether any other children from any other Welsh educational establishment have been, or are to be allowed to be used for political purposes either in the recent past or future?

  1. Following investigation could you please issue a reassurance that our schoolchildren will not be allowed to be used in other political stunts and convey to me what, if any action is to be taken against the Head teacher and any implicated staff at Barry Island Primary School over this disgraceful cynical manipulation of the young students at the school in this instance.

  1. Upon investigation if it is shown that Mr Lee Waters as Governor of Barry Island Primary school has had any involvement in the procurement of pupils at this school as props in his political activities could we be assured that he be removed from his place on the board of Governors.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter and I look forward to your prompt reply.

Kevin Mahoney

Cc: Leighton Andrews, Education Minister

Reproduced with permission

© 22 January 2011

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