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ukip-valuing-our-christian-heritageThe UK General Election 7 May 2015 will, without doubt, be a pivot point in the history of the United Kingdom.

For Christians it is obvious that the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP and Green parties are open and defiant in their manifestos that they will censor and criminalise any opposition of homosexuality and want to promote LGBT values across the world with a global marketing style campaign including special envoys tasked with that mandate. It is easy therefore to dismiss voting for those parties, no matter what the merits or otherwise might be of their other policies.

Can a Christian Vote UKIP?

What about UKIP? Can a Christian before the Lord in good conscience vote for UKIP?

UKIP the party and many of its leaders and supporters are warm, friendly decent people, wanting the best for the UK. UKIP’s policies on the main headline themes are what a Christian can sign-up for without a problem.

But what is the number one issue for Christians and for the future of the UK? It is the values and laws that underpin a party and subsequently the nation. Do they comply with God’s moral and eternal laws established from the Creation of the world? Yes or No.

UKIP have published a warm and inviting document to solicit the vote of Christians “Valuing our Christian Heritage”. That is indeed the message of the document, but with major provisos that essentially mean we have to accept the following:

Same-Sex Marriage

UKIP say Same-Sex Marriage is here to stay “We will not repeal the legislation, as it would be grossly unfair and unethical to ‘un-marry’ loving couples or restrict further marriages…” This is the same argument David Cameron and the other leaders used to justify Same Sex Marriage – so what’s different with UKIP?
Same Sex Marriage and all its hellish implications has demonstrated just how far this nation is on the road to Sodom and Gomorrah and yet UKIP refuse to reverse that legislation. It’s not impossible it just requires the political will and the desire to do what is right because it is right.

No way can I vote for a party that justifies Same-Sex Marriage and the approbation of gross sexual immorality, that God has called an abomination and worthy of death and results in the judgement and destruction of a nation and its people.

UKIP's promise to "extend the legal concept of 'reasonable accommodation' to give protection in law to those expressing a religious conscience in the workplace on this issue." is good, and may offer a scrap of protection to Christians in certain circumstances. However the Equality Act 2010, British Values and the Prevent Strategy will in reality crush this idea and force Christians to comply with gay laws.

 Leviticus 20: 22-23

22 Ye shall therefore keep all my statutes, and all my judgments, and do them: that the land, whither I bring you to dwell therein, spue you not out.

23 And ye shall not walk in the manners of the nation, which I cast out before you: for they committed all these things, and therefore I abhorred them.

What respect is UKIP showing for our Judaeo-Christian heritage by saying homosexuality is OK? At least UKIP is being consistent as before the European Parliament elections 2014 Roger Helmer MEP said, and it was published on the UKIP website, that homosexuality and heterosexuality are morally equivalent. How can a Christian have truck with a party that supports homosexuality an activity that God judges all nations for allowing to proliferate like a virus?


UKIP says let the slaughter of babies in the womb continue. We will encourage compliance with the Abortion Act 1967”. So no change there. UKIP are saying carry on with the slaughter of 200,000 babies every year in the womb. Come on, how do you read it?

Leviticus 20: 2

“Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever [he be] of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth [any] of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.”

No way can I vote for a party that explicitly does not want to change the law to ban abortion, aka mass murder and child sacrifice, and endorses the status quo.


“UKIP backs faith schools provided they are open to the whole community, uphold British values, do not discriminate against any section of society and meet required educational standards. So what does that mean?

We have seen the recent application of British Values by Ofsted on a faith school, it was shut down for allegedly not promoting them enough (Daily Mail, 21 January 2015). British Values do not mean Judaeo-Christian values. They mean whatever politicians want them to mean in law and that means the promotion of equality and diversity for homosexuals and discrimination against Christians. No I will not vote for that.

The UKIP Problem - the Satanic thread of gay values

As BTM has already stated in our other comments on UKIP’s main General Election Manifesto 2015, UKIP will have tolerance for Christians as long as they will toe the line of British Values. The Satanic thread of gay values and aspirations is weaved into the fabric of UKIP’s two main election documents. How can I vote for a party that supports what God has called an abomination, and that promises to harm us? How can you?

UKIP has to be a party that is open to all people – fine. BUT - It does not have to support the perverse, immoral and God hating behaviour and policies of homosexuals and their variants. Homosexuals want to destroy Christianity and its values and make them total history.

UKIP may say they value our Christian Heritage, our past, because it has brought the massive foundational benefits of morality, justice, order and prosperity to society, but for the future, gay laws rule in UKIP... and Christian, you too have to comply.

I wish it was not so, but it is. UKIP’s policies have the Satanic thread of homosexuality very cleverly weaved into them. You can’t deny it. It is in black and white. No misinterpretation.

Give UKIP your vote Christian?

UKIP think what you stand for is good for our country. UKIP will give you the freedom to express your Christian beliefs “within the limits of the common law”. Your values, Christian, will have to run along-side homosexual values, even though they are in complete opposition to each other and when they come into conflict British Values will apply i.e. gay laws. You will have to bend the knee to Satan under UKIP not God.

No. I James B Waddell, will not vote for my own demise and Satan’s values by voting UKIP. I will not vote.

© 2 May 2015

Published on www.christiandoctrine.com

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