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"People at risk of HIV in Scotland are to be given drugs on the NHS that will protect them from infection, it has been announced, in a move that Aids campaigners say will put pressure on the authorities in England to end delays in providing the same medication despite two major court rulings.

In a major victory for campaigners, the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) said pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) would be free on the NHS to those who need it because they were at risk – for instance, if they have a partner with HIV. Access to the drugs could begin within weeks." (The Guardian, 11th April 2017).

In 1985 I finished a three year study of the then new illness that was later dubbed ‘The Gay Plague’. By reason of pressure from homosexual lobbies, this was stopped, even though it was a very accurate label. It then became known as AIDS, before even this was split into two – HIV and AIDS.

As some of you know, my paper was supposed to have been published, with the approval of my head of department (health), leading to my instalment as Director of Health Research, at what is a college of the University of Wales.

But, the paper caused such a furore amongst gay activists, I lost my job and was blacklisted! My paper contained a number of predictions of the future of AIDS, and every one of them has come to pass. One that has yet to show merit is my assertion that the worst thing that could happen, would be the devising of a drug to cure AIDS.

Why? Because if people know they only needed a tablet, they would not be deterred from indulging in a vile sexual choice, and this itself would increase the incidents of homosexual infection. At the time we were talking about less than 100 cases. This increased to what it is today – many millions have died because of homosexual evil.

Even I did not envisage a pre-AIDS medication... and Scotland, in its socialist waywardness, has decided to give this medication to those at high risk. It is cheaper, they say, than spending one third of a million on each AIDS patient. This is true, but it is the same awful position as giving a lesser drug to addicts who would otherwise take morphine.

The trouble is, the addicts now have BOTH the morphine AND the substitute drug!

The pre-AIDS drug will be given to those at highest risk... and we can safely say they mean homosexuals. They are the real drivers of HIV/AIDS. Genuine researchers and medics KNOW this is true, but they now never put the blame for HIV and AIDS on those who cause them.

It is not PC and not in line with Stonewall’s demands!

So, now I will give another prediction: this drug will lead to a sharp rise in those who wish to experiment with homosexuality. And, eventually, this will give rise to even more cases of HIV and AIDS. Scotland has now led the way by institutionalising homosexual perversions.

Gay activists are now putting pressure on England to do the same thing. And so health costs, already very high, will be increased as well, taking funding from those who deserve it.

HIV and AIDS are preventable, so to reward those who choose to be homosexual is absurd and sinful. If I was in charge of the NHS I would stop all free treatments for homosexual HIV/AIDS,
and make homosexuals pay for them. They chose their wicked lifestyles, so let them pay for the consequences! (Yes, some are ‘innocent’ such as wives who do not know their
husbands have gay lovers). But, to give free drugs to prevent infection is appalling. If they get infected, then let them pay for treatments. It should NOT be paid for by ordinary taxpayers, any
more than treatments for STD’s should be free for others who are promiscuous.

Watch HIV and AIDS cases rise in number as a result of this evil anti-social scheme.